Dam Tukad Unda Klungkung

Many interesting things in Bali, which is worth to be enjoyed, maybe while you are still transfixed by the natural beauty of beaches, lakes, terraced rice fields or the cool nature of the mountains. Bali Island is not limited to just that, if you need an alternative tourist attraction then Dam or Dam Tukad Unda can be your next destination tour. The location is only about 200 meters east of Kerta Gosa Klungkung tourist attraction, precisely in Banjar Lebah – Klungkung. Distance from Ngurah Rai Airport is 1.5 hours drive. If you are planning to visit Dam Tukad Unda can pass through the path by fitting Ida Bagus Mantra, on this path you meet the park Zoo Bali Safari and Marine Park, so you can package the tour in Bali well. For Dam Tukad Unda local residents is certainly no stranger, dam or dam is built on the largest river flow in Bali, the river Yeh Unda and on the south there is a long bridge built on the river that becomes the path or road connecting Klungkung and Karangasem regency , and from above the bridge you can see the beauty of Dam Tukad Unda clearly. Traffic on this bridge is now more quiet because it is by fitting Ida Bagus Mantra that connects to both districts. If you used to live in the city and watch the condition of the river surrounded by the building and the water flow is turbid and even tend to slum, then you will find a different atmosphere while in this Yeh Unda river, especially with the dam or dam, able to offer different things, presenting the beauty the flow of a waterfall that resembles a giant curtain, stretches with a flow of waterfalls evenly. Airnyapun clear, natural atmosphere feels fresh, safe and quiet because there are many trees perindang make the eyes cool. Because of the clarity of the water, at certain hours are often used by residents to bathe and wash and the fun of children playing water while swimming, their laughter without burden united with nature, very rarely do we find such an atmosphere. Dam Tukad Unda can be one of the attractions in Klungkung, featuring a waterfall view on an artificial dam, this uniform flow of waterfall looks like a long curtain stretching from West to East, stretching presents the beauty. For photoprapy artists this place becomes an interesting thing with special techniques and finding the right angle or shooting angle will result in a very beautiful creation. Art kary results will be more perfect if shown with some models of water play and also couples who are doing pre-wedding photo session. In the hands of the beauty professionals Dam Tukad Unda presented will make you curious. At first Dam Tukad Unda is a regular tourist attraction that only became a glimpse of the past by the riders who passed over the Yeh Unda river bridge. Whoever started the pre-wedding shoot in the Dam Tukad Unda area with a background of water flow on the dam, presents a beautiful and spectacular scenery, let alone taken by professional photographer, especially with the rampant information of beautiful places that can be delivered through social media, so that everyone who witnessed it would be curious to visit this physical dam from close. For that Dam Tukad Unda can add a list of attractions in Bali. Dam Tukad Unda is built in storied, at the upper level higher than the one below it. Yeh Unda River itself comes from a combination of several rivers, so the river water is almost not receded throughout the season, one of which is the river water flow Telaga Waja coming from mountain springs, which also serve as one of the recreation rating in Bali. Visiting the tourist attraction is free, not so many tourists who take advantage of Dam Tukad Unda as a tourist destination, whereas the location is adjacent and is in line with a number of tourist attractions such as Kerta Gosa attractions, Kamasan village and Goa Lawah. Although located in a regency city, but you can still see the nuances of nature in the area of ​​Dam Tukad Unda, if you visit here, on the right side you can see the grove of trees that also become a perindang and also the cliff, on the left side of the house row the residents lined up neatly, far from the impression of slums, when compared with rivers in big cities. This will certainly provide a different experience for you, especially the location is easy to reach, so you do not need to spend much time for access to the location.
How To Go To Dam Tukad Unda:
Rent a car in Bali is the best way to visit this place, because after of this tourist attraction you can proceed to a number of surrounding tourist objects more easily.


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