Cucukan Beach Gianyar


Cucukan Beach is located in Banjar Cucukan, Kab. Gianyar Bali. This beach presents the natural scenery of the blue sea and the beautiful black sand. A number of seaside inn is seen to grow, relying on the natural beauty presented by the beach Cucukan. The coast is quite calm because of the limited number of people who visit here.
Attraction attraction in Bali, not only dominated by South Bali area that has the beauty of white sand, such as Kuta beach, Pandawa and Tanjung Benoa, the beauty is not necessarily you can enjoy the maximum, because of the crowded visitors. Unlike the case with Cucukan place ino so relaxed, peaceful and full of tranquility. Lack of tourist numbers here, making the main privacy of visitors more awake.

Pantai Cucukan will be a special place to relax. The black sand overhead looks so beautiful when exposed to sunlight, the stretch of blue sea that stretches from East to West into a beautiful natural spectacle. Debris wave onmbak high enough, often used for visitors to surf.
A number of advantages offered deserve to be one tourist attraction in Bali. Lines of fishing boats on the beach Cucukan quite harmoniously combined with the surrounding natural beach, a natural decoration adds to its beauty. A number of food stalls and a number of tree perindang you can use as a place to relax while enjoying the sea view.
Some activities you can do on the beach Cucukan like swimming, and for swimming alone must be careful because the waves are big enough and no guardian beach, sunbathing enjoy the sun, walk along the beach, fishing, surfing (surfing) or can just relax on the black sand.
Some of the lodging is available on the edge of Cucukan beach tourist attraction, you can stay here a few days to be able to see the beauty of the morning at sunrise to enjoy the atmosphere of a quiet night and accompanied by the sound of waves that never stop, exclusive tourist experience with family or honeymoon couples you will never forget.

Schedule tour or stay at the pantaI spots, you are not only treated by the natural scenery of the sea. You can get to know local culture more closely. A number of excursions such as the tour can be visited by a number of tourist attractions such as Bali Safari Park and Marine Park, Ubud, Kerthagosa Klungkung royal building, Goa Lawah Temple, Guwang and Sukawati art market, and recreation of submarine Odyssey Submarine Bali.
Or you can rent a car can be self-steering and also with the driver, design your own trip full day trip, a visit to the beach Cucukan, can be arranged also to Kintamani attractions, Besakih aataupun Candidasa. Its strategic location, aksessnya easy, making it easier you mengunjngi various other popular spots in Bali.


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