Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel Bali is one of the boutique coffe shop in Bali that you can make a place to enjoy a relaxing time or gather together with friends. Coffe Cartel is located in Seminyak area, so if you are taking a walk around Seminyak, you can take the time to stop by for a while enjoying the menu here. Coffee Cartel Bali has a quite unique concept. They blend traditional Mexican aesthetics with Balinese coffee culture. If you are in the Coffe Cartel area, then you can see the marble table with flower decoration and there is a vintage-style decoration on the diniding. Uniquely there are cactus in pots and golden tableware. Certainly the room in Coffe Cartel is designed as comfortable as possible for its customers. In Coffe Cartel there are five areas that you can choose. There is a front porch area, a back patio, a main dining area, first floor mezzanine and an upstairs outdoor balcony. Surely any existing area will give a different sensation. You can choose it according to your style. Can be spelled out every corner of the room in Coffe Cartel is instagramable once, so fitting if used as a photo spot. Providing comfort to the room, Coffe Cartel will also spoil you with coffee. Coffe Cartel has a unique and beautiful coffee, the Pink Beetroot Latte. Latte with a beautiful pink color and served on a pink cup as well. For the taste, you do not worry because Pink Beetroot Latte also has a good taste. Coffee Cartel Bali serves a variety of other special Latte specials, such as Turmeric Latte, Matcha Latte, and Charcoal Latte. For you lovers of this one berkaffein drinks, namely coffee, then Coffe Cartel serves a variety of coffee as well. There are Espresso, Affogato, Long Black, Macchiato, Iced Latte, Cold Brew, and others. If you are not a fan of coffee, then try to order various Fresh Juice. There are detox juice in the form of carrot, beetroot, green apple, and ginger. Or try the freshness of Strawberry Webster, which is watermelon, strawberry and apple. Milkshakes and various teas are also served for you. Various protein smoothies Coffe Cartel also serve it. Try one of them, Banana Boss, which consists of banana, cinnamon, peanut butter, protein powder, nut milk, coconut milk. For those of you who want to order a dish for your lunch, then try the message Chilli Duck Salad, the duck breast, zucchini noodles, green mango, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, crispy duck skin and fresh mint. There are also a variety of burger dishes, such as Vegan Burger, Pork Belly Burger, and Bacon Cheeseburger. There are many more delicious dishes either for breakfast or lunch. And so do the other delicious and unique drinks. Serving in Coffe Cartel has a unique way of serving as well. So besides the place that is instagramable, the menu too. The menus of Caoffe Cartel are priced around IDR 20,000 – IDR 100,000. can be practically not enough drain your pocket. If you are interested also to stop at Coffe Cartel, then you just go to the location that is in the address, Jalan Lebak Sari No. 8, North Kuta, Badung regency. It starts operating around 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.


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