Cliff Beach


The destination that always attracts tourists to visit Lombok is Gili Islands. Both Trawangan, Meno and Water have a charm of beauty that makes anyone feel at home for a long time here. However, it’s a shame if that’s it-that’s all that was visited during the holidays to Lombok. How not, there are many other holiday places that are not less amazing. One of them is Pantai Tebing. Well, curious? Gili Trawangan is indeed one of the most famous places among traveler. However, many other places that are not less beautiful like the Waterfall Tiu Ras to Pupus Waterfall. Well, there is one more destination that you can visit during the holidays to this beautiful island. Especially if not the Cliff Beach located in the Ganges area.

Well, you who used to vacation to Lombok would have often heard it? In contrast to other destinations, Pantai Tebing has a uniqueness that makes anyone fascinated. Moreover, if not a row of cliffs located on the edge of the beach. According to some sources, the location is estimated to be formed from hot cloud deposits which are the coral fragments resulting from the tsunami caused by the eruption of Mount Tambora. With its unique texture, the cliff with a height of 20 meters is often used as spot photos by tourists. Yes, its beauty is like an abstract painting made by famous painter loh! In addition to the beauty of the cliff, the beach is located in the hamlet Village Sambik Village Bangkol Gangga District North Lombok regency also has a uniqueness in the sand. Yes, you will find black sand that looks perfect coupled with a sea of ​​clear water. Meanwhile, this place is also still beautiful and clean from the trash.

If you intend to vacation here, do not throw garbage carelessly yes! If planning a holiday to Gili Trawangan, it’s good to stop by the Cliff Beach. Access to this tourist destination is quite easy. From Code Bay (harbor to cross to Gili Islands), you can travel for 45 minutes to the east. Well, for you who are in Mataram, can directly lift the backpack and ride the vehicle headed north. The time you spend traveling to this exotic beach ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours. In addition to easy access and are in the vicinity of the village, where to eat around the beach is quite a lot. One of them is Aziba Restaurant which is only 1.5 km from the beach. While the accommodation is closest to this tourist destination is 7 Springs Resort Lombok which can be reached for 8 minutes by driving a four-wheeled vehicle. Like other overnight places, this resort offers a beautiful nature of Lombok and combined with the artistic design of the room.


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