Cemara Waterfall

Enjoying nature around North Bali or Buleleng Regency, as if not separated from the beauty of the waterfall, Buleleng with the capital of Singaraja it does have the most extensive district of Bali, which consists of hills, rice fields, valleys and also beaches. The most popular tourist attraction in the region is Lovina beach with dolphin or dolphin attractions including Gitgit waterfalls, Sekumpul and Munduk which become mandatory tourist destinations. And one of the waterfalls that could be a new destination for you is Cemara waterfall. Its beautiful name, impressive tourist attraction of this waterfall can serve something special for the embers of visitors. Called waterfalls Cemara, because once around the waterfall is a lot of spruce trees grow, other than that the name is associated with the word “romance” so there is a thought that couples who come and visit the waterfall Cemara, their relationship will last. Well for young couples, or like adventure tours other than because of the myth, can visit here, because the nature is beautiful and charming. Location of Cemara waterfall in Sambangan village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency – Bali. Sambangan village itself has a huge potential developed into a place of tourism, especially for trekking tours or outdoor adventures, because there are at least 7 waterfalls in this place that can be enjoyed by the tourists, these places are hidden so that in this region introduced a new tourist attraction called Secreet Garden of Sambangan, this place is a destination for adventurers to enjoy the outdoors, especially the beauty and attractions offered, so that the adventure tour activities become the ideal place here. Distance Sambangan village with downtown Singaraja quite close, only about 5 km, so quite affordable, while the distance from Denpasar about 95 km. Now Sambangan become mandatory destination for trekking activities, its beautiful nature is at an altitude of 500 – 1000 mdpl, with a slope of 40 degrees, making those who have an adventurous soul will feel satisfied enjoying this Sambangan nature. Its main attraction is 7 waterfalls including Waterfalls Cemara, Dedari, Aling-aling, Canging, Kroya, Twin and Pucuk waterfall, and no less interesting is a natural pond known as “Blue Lagoon” similar to the name of the beach White Sands Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai. The beauty you can enjoy in one area, so it is not surprising a number of tour actors provide trekking activities in this Sambangan village with the orientation of enjoying Secreet Garden. In addition Sambangan Village also presents the natural scenery of rice fields, plantations of coffee plantations, palm trees, chocolates as well as a series of hills and views of the North Bali sea, Sambangan village can serve something different, nature is still natural and beautiful. Interestingly enough is the beauty of the waterfall and one of the waterfalls Cemara or Cemara waterfall. In addition to the myth that the couple’s relationship remains lasting. Waterfall object Cemara presents hidden natural beauty with a height of about 25 meters with a width of about 6 meters, large water discharge, the bottom form a natural pond as deep as about 4 meters, can be to bathe. Its cool and calm natural shades, as well as strong gusts of winds carrying water fluttering, feel fresh on the face. If you want to take photos may need a proper position for the camera lens is not wet because of water. You do not just look at the beauty, you can also take a bath and soak feel the freshness of this mountain waterfall, enjoy the adventures of nature and blend with nature, so it becomes a new experience in your vacation. For those who like selfie photos, of course this Cemara waterfall will not be wasted away. The place is far from the crowd, so the natural nuance presents serenity, and soothing. A rare natural beauty you can find except in “Secreet Garden of Sambangan”, a spectacular place that is difficult to describe with words. Waterfalls Cemara as hidden paradise in the village of Sambangan, to find hidden beauty is certainly not so easy, need a little sacrifice to get to the location. Take the path that sometimes muddy if the rainy season, so slippery and need to be careful. There is also a bamboo bridge that gives a unique and natural impression. Along the way are also accompanied by scenery of rice fields, so your trip will not be boring and a fun trekking adventure. The distance from Lovina beach about 22 meters, while the distance from Ngurah Rai Airport about 76 km, travel through the route Bedugul tourist attraction towards the waterfall Gitgit. Route tour direction to Cemara waterfall from the direction of the airport is a tourist attraction Ayun park , Beratan Bedugul lake, Wanagiri peak and Gitgit waterfall. You can rent a car with driver to this place, so your journey is more relaxed with experienced driver.


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