Cemara Hill

Bukit Cemara, the name of this place may be quite foreign to you different from Bukit Asah in Bugbug atapun Campuhan Hill in Ubud. This place is quite special, other than as a tourist spot that presents the natural beauty, is also suitable for those who like adventure tourism especially for camping activities in Bali. Bukit Cemara is located in Yeh Kori Village, Bandem District, Kab. Karangasem, became one of the natural tourist attraction in East Bali. Karangasem region itself has the potential to present a variety of diverse natural beauty, in addition to coastal attractions of course quite hot air, the area has many hills and even the plateau of cool air, some of which are places in the District Bebandem, as you find in the Bukit Cemara area. The location of Bukit Cemara is far to the remote part of the village, away from the crowds, the feel of nature is calm and beautiful. East Bali tourist attraction is more popular for camping or camping activities, so if you want to find a camping place in Bali then Bukit Cemara this could be your next destination, feel the natural atmosphere is different, beautiful but rarely visited. Natural tourist attraction in East Bali, it is located in the highlands, so cool and cool enough, during certain seasons that is during the winter between September – November, fog down covering this area, of course you as much as avoid such a time if you want to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty with more leverage, or if you do not want to be cold. There is no clue in the location that directs the trip to Bukit Cemara, even on google maps itself is not available, for that you should more often ask with the surrounding residents, the journey to remote corners of the village, the road that dilewatipun more extreme like a number of inclines that spur degup your heart, some parts of the road just in the form of land and also rocks, indicating the area is rarely visited, and only become the attraction for certain people only, hopefully now access to this place better. But along the way you will be treated to a variety of beautiful scenery and interesting, fresh mountain viewing, natural and away from the hustle and bustle, the name is Bukit Cemara but do not expect you find a pine tree, only the surrounding plantation is the livelihood of local residents. Arriving at the location of Bukit Cemara, you will be treated to views of Mount Agung, a mountain that is so sturdy and magnificent feel in front of the eyes, so from here you can see the beauty in around Mount Agung, including the view of the valley that makes visitors amazed. And while Mount Agung is being erupted it may be inappropriate to visit or camp here as the activity of the mountain rises. On the other hand you can see the ocean in the distance, stretching the mangambah enchantment of nature offered by Bukit Cemara, in this place also you can witness the natural phenomenon of sunset or sunset, which sank slowly behind Mount AGung. All the advantages offered by Bukit Cemara in Karangasem is certainly not you will get in other tourist attractions in Bali. So your struggle to the location will not be in vain. Bukit Cemara Karangasem, is a special tourist place for those who like adventure tour, a place that is rarely visited and seemed to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hobbies hunting photos or likes touring photos selfie place instagramable this certainly will not be missed from camera shooting.


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