Catur Village

Catur Village Kintamani
Bali has a tourist village where you can make an alternative when in the District Kintamani, Bangli District. Kawasa is famous for its mountainous areas with cool airy characteristics and of course the land is very fertile. If the readers are on holiday this area would not be disappointed, because it will be served pemandanagn nature is so fascinating. Discussing tourist attractions in Kintamani District can not be separated from tourist attractions that have been trekenal Lake Batur Kintamani. But that will be discussed on this page is not a place wiata lake, but will membaha Village Tourism Chess Kintamai which also has a natural beauty that is not to be outdone by other attractions around it. Catur Village Kintamani is an area of ​​agro-tourism village which is supported by natural potential in its area. In addition, this area is also adjacent to the area of ​​other agro-tourism village in the northern Badung regency of Petang Tourism Village. Okay just yes Guys, Kintamani Catur Village agrotourism apart from offering a beautiful natural beauty of the countryside. The village also offers a variety of agricultural produce and plantations typical of mountainous areas on the island of Bali. While in the village of Chess, in addition to the readers can enjoy the fresh air, can also see the area of ​​fertile plantations, as well as coffee plantations, oranges and various other fruits. Your excitement will be complete by watching the activity of the farmers. In addition to the tour of course you can learn from the nursery to the processing of plantation products either pegolahan orange coffee orange. If when traveling to the village of Catur coincides during the orange harvest season, you can harvest and can even taste the fruit of fresh oranges. The pengalan of course will be memorable, all that did not close the possibility to bring citrus fruits to be made by-by. Interestingly again yes Sob, that the citrus fruit from the village of Chess is very sweet. This is because the process of planting until the fertilization process undertaken by farmers still use organic fertilizer. For those of you coffee lovers, of course, coffee products from Catur Village or trekenal with Kintamani Coffee should not be missed. It also can see directly the farmers doing coffee processing, ranging from coffee logs to become grain coffee which this product will be marketed abroad.
Address: Chess Village, Kintamai District, Bangli District, Bali Province, Indonesia.


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