Canging Waterfall

Alam Bali is indeed granted many interesting things that can be enjoyed and can cool the eyes, make your mind fresh again, many beautiful places are ready to give special offers during your tour, so your vacation will never be boring. As well as visiting the area of ​​North Bali or Buleleng District, this area presents a lot of beautiful scenery waterfalls, as presented in Canging waterfall in the village of Sambangan, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. Canging waterfall name may not be so popular for some people, different than the waterfall Gitigit or Sekumpul, which first familiar and known to tourists, however Canging waterfall is ready to provide and serve the scenery and a different natural atmosphere for the audience. Discovering a number of new things in this area of ​​North Bali, then Canging waterfall will be an ideal tour destination for you. Canging Waterfall or Canging waterfall, although not so many visitors, but this place is more popular among foreign tourists, especially those who like the natural adventure tour of the mountains with rare natural beauty can be found, as well as Secret Garden of Sambangan provide trekking or nature adventure in the village of Sambangan, which is indeed Sambangan village has a number of waterfalls that can be enjoyed during the trekking trip, for that trekking or adventure in the village of Sambangan is quite popular. Canging waterfall is one seven waterfalls in the village of Sambangan, Buleleng District, is in one region with a number of other waterfalls such as waterfalls Cemara, Aling aling, Dedari, Pucuk. Kroya and Twin waterfall. So if you scheduled tours to this area you can visit the 7 waterfalls are more easily and close. Canging waterfall itself is closer to Cemara and Dedari waterfalls, if you have more time you can explore the village of Sambangan by visiting 3 pieces of the adjacent attraction. A joyful trip, enjoying the beauty of the green nature away from the crowd and of course brazing a special experience for you. Visit Canging waterfalls, take extra effort you have to walk through the path about 700 meters, including also through bamboo bridge, a unique and exciting adventure. Up at the location you will be greeted with beautiful waterfalls, clear water, water discharge is large enough, although not so high, the beauty of the waterfall Canging, able to sedate visitors linger. Canging waterfall is in the middle of the forest behind the hill, so the surrounding natural surroundings are cool, surrounded by green trees, quiet and comfortable, and unspoiled, ideal for escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fresh mountain water flowing clear this would be an ideal place to soak and feel the freshness, but for women who are coming months are not allowed to touch the waterfall including the flow of river water, let alone to bathing of course banned, if it is violated certainly believed there was a thing unwanted things will happen.


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