Campuhan Ubud

The variety of beauty offered by Ubud, making it a special area in the eyes of international and domestic tourists. You may not expect that this area there is a small hill, Bukit Campuhan Ubud that offers beautiful scenery with jogging track. In this area there is a temple called Pura Gunung Lebah, so the area is also known as Bukit Gunung Lebah, the beauty offered makes it one part of the tourist attraction in Bali. whereas its beauty is equivalent to other tourist objects in Bali, which refresh the eyes and minds of the visitors, especially for those who like adventure, hill or honey bee enggud must be visited. Tourist attractions Campuhan Ubud has a jogging track that can only be accessed by foot or by bicycle pedal, because there are several steps to get to this area, so that motor vehicles are parked in the space provided. Trajectory track for the trekking is located just above the hill with a width of about 1.5 meters and the length of the track about 2 km. The streets of Bali especially if you are and planning a visit to Ubud will be a pity to miss this place///


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