Cafe Pomegranate Ubud



Cafe Pomegranate Ubud provides an interesting atmosphere when you want to enjoy a meal in the area of ​​Ubud, Bali. In this place, the visitors will be able to witness the natural atmosphere, surrounded by the presence of a stretch of green rice fields. No wonder, those who come to this place do not feel bored and interested to come back. The place is not far from downtown and its location in the middle of rice fields make this dining place is very unique. And also can be an alternative on your vacation. Yes, because this cafe has long been a choice of places to vacation while filling the stomach of local and foreign tourists who are on vacation in Ubud. But to access Cafe Pomegranate, you can not bring the car because the road is quite narrow. You can only walk or ride a motorcycle, but that’s where keseruannya when eating at this cafe.

During the trip, you will find green hills with a blend of green rice fields that look fertile. You can also see the traditional house and yoga barn while heading to Cafe Pomegranate location. Cafe Pomegranate Ubud semi-outdoor concept. So when the harvest season arrives, you can see the activity of petano when harvesting it or during the rice growing season, you will see the cultivation process undertaken by the farmers. Be sure to arrive early if you do not want to run out of seats. Yes, because this cafe is not too broad with the number of seats are not much. It will be even more exciting to visit Ubud Pomegranate Cafe before dusk or dusk. Because then, you can see the beautiful view of the rice fields of Bali. A unique place to see the sunset of a very charming. In the west, you will see Campuhan Hill. The scenery there is very beautiful because it is full of weeds hiding behind a row of shady coconut trees just above the Campuhan River. If the sun has set, the blinking lights of villas in Campuhan Hill looks amazing when decorating the coolness of the night at Cafe Pomegranate. The beautiful view of Mount Agun will be visible from the northeast. Even in the northwest, Mount Batukaru that stands majestically will be seen when the weather is tipped and not cloudy.

To the south no less interesting when at night, sparkling lights from Nusa Dua and Jimbaran look beautiful from a distance. At Cafe Pomegranate Ubud, you do not have to worry about not being able to access social media or browsing the internet. Although the cafe is located in the middle of rice fields, this cafe has free wifi with speed is quite fast. Moreover the service in this place is very friendly and satisfying.
Food Menu at Cafe Pomegranate Ubud
The menu at the Cafe is very varied. Available from juice, beer, salad, pizza, noodles, coffee, assorted desserts, and much more. Price problem, you need not worry because it is very affordable and not too expensive. Varied between tens of thousands rupiah to reach Rp70 thousand.


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