Bunut Bolong Jembrana

In Bali there are unique things that deserve attention and be used as a tourist destination such as one of Bunut Bolong trees located in the village of Manggisari, Pekutatan, Jembrana. This massive Bunut tree is already hundreds of years old, at the bottom of the tree is the roots there is a large hole and there is a road that can be crossed by a car and even large trucks and buses. This uniqueness becomes interesting things and used as a place of recreation, plus the beautiful natural surroundings make it one tourist attraction in Jembrana district. The Balinese people believe in magical things, as we can see a number of large trees are often sacrificed because they are considered penunggunya, so the guardian of the tree is not disturbing and that people who have never been to the place do not behave and be arbitrary then made it a place to perform prayers, as a characteristic also in order not to do haphazardly in the area. Hindus are convinced that everything in this world is God’s creation and man is obliged to maintain harmony and not harm each other. One of them is Bunut Bolong in Jembrana Bali is considered to have a magical aura, so visitors should not be careless. Bunut Bolong is sacred no one dares to disturb the existence of the tree, let alone intend to cut it down. The root form of the tree Bunut is indeed formed a hole (natural), looks quite grand, beautiful and haunted astride the highway. This road is an alternative way from Jembrana direction to Buleleng district. The distance from the city of Denpasar to Bunut Bolong Jembrana is about 2 hours drive, while the distance from the village market Pekutatan about 11 km. This area is very beautiful and cool, besides Bunut trees are lush and unique look to be interesting to enjoy, many residents who come just to hang out or relax, away from the city crowd. The location of the tourist attraction of Bunut Bolong in Pekutatan Jembrana is indeed located in a tropical forest area stretching from North to South, and on the east side there is a clove garden which is characteristic of trees on the plateau. The natural surroundings look always green blossomed in harmony with Bunut Bolong a lush and grow uniquely straddle the road. In the south of Bunut Bolong there is a temple called Pujangga Sakti temple, this temple was built by the inhabitants to honor a saint named Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra. Pura Pujangga Sakti is perfect for those of you who like to do meditation or spiritual approach, because the atmosphere is calm and quiet. There is also a growing myth, the unbelieving group of brides passing under the Bunut Bolong tree, if it is violated the wedding bride is feared to fail either before the wedding ceremony or after. In addition, the entourage of death like a hearse or when the procession takes place, does not cross the road under Bunut Bolong, it is understandable that the sacred place is also sanctified. For this reason residents make roads beside trees, to be crossed for those who believe the taboos. Bunut Bolong in Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali has become one of the unique and interesting tourist attractions that smells magical. This tourist attraction is quite famous among locals and surrounding areas. But for you tourists may still be quite foreign, still not much tour agenda, tour guide or tour guide in Bali to this attraction, because it is located quite far from the airport and South Bali tourism centers like Kuta and Nusa Dua. Though many interesting places of interest can be visited in West Bali tourist areas such as Medewi beach, Siwi Rambut and Bali Barat National Park.


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