Exciting Holidays at Agro Puncak Bukit Catu Bedugul Tour. Want to enjoy the natural coolness of the mountains in bedugul and fresh Lake Balinese lake while doing outbound activities? You should try the top agro tourism Bukit Catu Bedugul. Agro Puncak Bukit Catu Bedugul is a place for family and group recreation to hold indoor and outdoor activities such as outbound / outing program and meeting, and education about plants and nature.
Agro Pucak Bukit Catu Bedugul tour is a very cool, beautiful area and is perfect for relieving fatigue with the hustle and bustle of life in big cities. You can pick strawberries while enjoying the natural mountains with a very beautiful view.

Agro Puncak Bedugul is an Agro Tour in Bedugul Bali equipped with game and activity facilities such as ATV. You will be invited to adventure using ATVs through hills and extreme roads in the area of ​​Agro Wisata.
In addition there are games Flying Fox that glide from a tree by using a steel spin. This game trains courage and agility in making decisions. After gliding the incredible sensation makes most participants want to repeat it again.
There is also a Children’s playground which is quite spacious like a maze, feeding rabbits, fishing ponds and riding horses.

For those of you in groups, the manager will be presenting a Paintball game using a paint-loaded gun. The game is performed under the supervision of the referee to ensure its safety.
Managers also provide camping facilities or camping done with your family or with your business relation. For those who can not stand the cold weather, the manager also provides lodging. There are also facilities minimarket, restaurant and Meeting Room.


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