Bukit Asah

Bukit Asah is an exotic hill located in the village of Bugbug which has a charm that is so exotic with a stunning view and stands on a cliff on the beach and has so many spots. this hill is very sloping and still quiet, also far from the settlement so that there are some people willing to run away from home to camping on hill asah to look for a new atmosphere of course. on each side of this hill has a very unique background and one of them overlooks the whale hills located offshore which became the favorite location for photo hunting. photos @_adityawarandika (instagram)
besides, from hill asah you can also see the sunrise and sunset with very beautiful so it is a very strategic location to make camping location with friends. To go to the location was not so difficult because now also have made access that you can go to get to the location. if you intend to camp near the location also has been provided various tent camping rentals, so you just prepare supplies and clothes just to camp on hill asah yah guys !!


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