If you scheduled a walk to the East Bali area, then many interesting things that you can enjoy in this area. More precisely Karangasem regency, its geographical region consists of a number of hills, including the highest mountain of Mount Agung which is a popular destination to climb in this region, some of its territory also directly adjacent to the sea, thus offering a number of beautiful beaches. As well as a tourist spot quite new in this area of ​​the Karangasem Chocolate House is a tourist destination of young people. The brown house in Karangasem is located in Jasri village, also known as Charlie Chocolate Factory, a strategic location on the coast of Jasri, has a number of rides like a swing attached to a coconut tree, a wooden boat resembling its original shape, making it ideal for young couples -mudi, enjoy the new atmosphere, while hanging out watching the natural beauty of the beach and sea accompanied by a cup of warm chocolate. Karangasem regency does have a number of tourist attractions with the word home, such as tree houses, bamboo houses and now a brown house. If you hear the word chocolate house, your mind must be imagined with the form of chocolate, but not necessarily so if you visited this brown house, there is no brown tree, or the characteristics that this place produces chocolate, very different if you visit the place of civet coffee agro, then you can see how the process of civet coffee is formed and the typical coffee garden. The characteristic of this Karangasem Chocolate House is almost no sign of chocolate production, only a brown and unique and iconic building. Another characteristic that you can know from Chocolate House located on the edge of Jasri Karangasem beach is when you try to taste some processed foods and drinks made from chocolate in a small shop. The uniquely designed building at this place becomes an interesting icon for young people to take pictures. This place is also known as Bali Chocolate Factory, initiated and built by a United States citizen named Charlie and for that is among foreign tourists also known as Charlie Chocolate Factory. Karangasem Chocolate House is located on the edge of jasri beach, under the horde of coconut trees, so the atmosphere is very pleasant, shady and fresh. Not surprisingly, local tourists also stay at Bali Chocolate Factory. At least there are 3 swings whose rope is tied to the trunk of a coconut tree, so visitors, especially young couples can swing while relaxing. A wooden, ship-shaped building resembling its original form, you can relax on the boat while watching the natural scenery of the beach and sea, and also get into the space of the ship while taking pictures ria. Everything will provide a unique and fun experience. Bali Chocolate Factory or Chocolate Factory located in the village of Jasri – Karangasem this, can be an alternative to your tour in Bali, so your tour is not boring, because of this tourist area you can visit sejumkah other tourist attractions that are adjacent or adjacent such as Candidasa beach, Tenganan village, Perasi beach, Ujung Soekasada Park and Tirta Gangga water park.


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