Blanco Museum

Are you looking for information about the Ubud blanco museum? If so, please continue reading this page. Because you will get information such as, the history of the museum and the address is accompanied by a map of the location of the museum. Tours in Bali will not be complete if it does not travel to Ubud Bali. Tourist attractions in Ubud one of the favorite tourists especially foreign tourists for a vacation. This tourist attraction offers a variety of different tourism activities with other fovorit attractions in Bali. Tourist activities you can do in Ubud such as:

Rafting tour on Ayung river.
See the rice terraces in Tegallalang.
Surely watching dance performances and seeing paintings of famous artists.
Natural attractions Tegenungan waterfall.
Tourist attractions in Ubud, more suitable for tourists who want to tour the countryside with a calm atmosphere with the natural environment is still beautiful. If you are holiday with children, of course, Ubud is not a suitable place for holiday for your children. Kuta tourist attractions, more suitable for a vacation with children in Bali or marine tourism on Tanjung benoa beach by trying watersport at Tanjung Benoa. Most of the lovers of painting, always take time to vacation to Ubud. Because in the tourist attractions of Ubud, there are many museums that offer a collection of paintings from famous painters abroad and Indonesian painters. One of the most famous museums in Ubud is Blanco Ubud Museum. Spanish and American painter named Mario Antonio Blanco, very famous for artwork depicting women. In 1953, he married a Balinese dancer and used his wife as a model painting named Ni Ronji. The owner of the Blanco museum in Ubud is a man born in Manila, Philippines September 15, 1912, built a house as well as a museum on the land of King of Ubud from Puri Saren, Tjokorde Gde Agung Sukawati. Meseum located in the hills of Campuhan Ubud, every day the museum is never empty of visitors. Approximately 100 people to 150 local and foreign tourists, interested in seeing the work of the maestro. According to tourists from Spayol, United States, Russia, Japan and Australia who came to Blanco Ubud Museum, painting Antonio Blanco has high artistic value on Balinese life.


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