f you are scheduling a walk in Bali, then the destination of beach attractions must be scheduled, because it can not be denied the island with the nickname of a thousand temples has a lot of beautiful beaches, ranging from popular beaches such as Kuta, Jimbaran or Sanur to the hidden and rarely visited by tourists like Bingin beach, the beauty of the coast of the southern peninsula is hidden behind a cliff. Its location in the area Pecatu so much more accessible from the tourism centers in the area of ​​South Bali.The beauty of the coastal area of ​​South Bali is identical with the cliff and surrounded by hills, as it is served by Dreamland beach attractions, Balangan, Padang-padang and Suluban, located in a coastline with Bingin beach, between the beaches access to Bingin beach location it is enough to require a little extra energy, so quite rarely visited by tourists, especially domestic tourists, whereas these places serve the beauty that can be aligned and has its own uniqueness-uniqueness. Balangan is located west of Dreamland beach, even from Balangan beach you can see Dreamland quite clearly.

Pecatu Village is part of the district of South Kuta, Badung regency – Bali, its geographical region consists of limestone and coastal hills that offer spectacular sea scenery and white sand. The natural beauty on offer completes the list of attractions in Bali. Included also Bingin beach offers a variety of uniqueness and beauty, making every visitor feel at home. White sand beach with a slightly rough texture, can be a place to relax, clear sea water so it becomes a special place to bathe. Views of coral cliffs surround this beach, add charm, you who like the photos then this opportunity will certainly not be missed.

At the time the water is receding, the rocks on the beach is clearly visible and you can walk on the rock, some parts overgrown with moss, beautiful green look combined harmoniously with the surrounding natural beauty, Bingin beach attractions are not so wide, the beach it also consists of coral and white sand, so if you bring the kids along they can play on the reef, with the remnants of clear sea water that is carried by the waves. If visiting during the day you can take shelter on the beach cliffs or beach umbrellas rent provided by local residents. This place is filled with a row of cafes that provide sharing drinks and dishes.

In addition Bingin beach presents wave waves high enough, so a mandatory destination for lovers of surfing sports, so not surprisingly, Bingin beach is still dominated by foreign tourists who try to conquer the waves. At low tide, then you can see the coral reefs submerged in sea water as if creating a natural swimming pool and can be a place to bathe, and can be a playground for those of you who invite families, especially children. The beauty of the sunset can also be seen from this beach, so the offer provided becomes more complete.Find hidden sights, rarely visited and offer a beautiful beauty, then Bingin beach is one of them, many things you can do but relax on the white sand while watching the surfers, bathing, surfing and watching the sunset. The atmosphere is calm, comfortable and beautiful would be a special treat, after all day activities or saturated with the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to enjoy the nature of the countryside and the hills in a beautiful natural beach with more leverage, then in this area are also already available a number of lodging with quite cheap and affordable price.

Bingin beach tourist attraction in Pecatu is suitable to be the destination of the streets of Bali, with your children as well. The trip to the beach location is quite draining, because of the parking lot of the vehicle, you have to continue the journey again by walking through the narrow alleys and down the stairs, its location under the cliffs make it access to the location is quite steep and winding, for that is necessary vigilance and caution, especially when carrying children. Because access to the location is quite tiring, then the domestic visitors are rather reluctant to visit here, but if you like nature tourism adventure and anti mainstream then Bingin beach tourist attraction will be a special destination.


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