Big Garden Corner

Bali is an island famous for its art and culture, dance, carving, painting and so forth, no wonder if Bali is the center of foreign tourist destinations. There are also many interesting places in Bali that many people are still curious and want to visit it. This time I will invite you to visit one of the interesting places that have concept and art theme, called Big Garden Corner. This interesting place is still very new and still in the development stage in the future, the Big Garden Corner is a lot of interesting spots that you can choose to take pictures, located in the area of ​​Sanur Bali, if you live in the area of ​​Denpasar will be very easy to come here. The place is on Jln. The intersection of Padang Galak Sanur – Bali, clearly visible from the direction of the main road, if you are from the south position on the left side of the road. At the end of the post there is also a direct link map to this location you live click, strategic and located still close to the city, not need complicated in the way of small guys. Entrance fee in Big Garden Corner is Rp. 25.000 / Orang, Ticket / Voucher form so can be redeemed with Soft drink, just cool to hang out with your friends. For update info you can check Instagramnya Big Garden Corner directly. The employees and owners of this place are very friendly so if you want to ask something just ask directly .. hhe Cool place to visit, ranging from Statue Park, Standing Stone, Miniature Borobudur Temple, Tree House, Children’s playground and many more. Big Garden Corner is perfect to be your hangout with friends or family, here is also available restaurant, so you can all order food and drinks, parking lot is also wide, besides this place can also be rented for photo prewed events or events like guys.


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