You may be used to hear the popularity or even visiting the beaches of Kuta, Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran. But the beauty of tourist attraction Bias Tugel is not so popular can be equated with the beauty of Kuta beach. Even the beach Bias Tugel presents nuance of different marine nature, beautiful nature, untouched, calm and peaceful, this is where the excess, so that the visitors can drown all the saturation in the heart.
People are getting more familiar with the existence of Bias Tugel as a tourist attraction in Bali, when the trend of social media, visitors who have come to the beach Bias Tugel, proudly can evoke beautiful natural objects that have not been known by many people, an indirect media campaign that can introduce a place to be better known by the general public. This beach location is hidden behind a hill, quieter and quieter, making it the perfect place to keep away from the noise, or the hustle of the city.
The natural charm of the beach Bias Tugel, comes with white sandy beaches, small waves, cliffs of black coral at the end of the beach to the South and North, as if to frame this beach to look more beautiful and interesting. Exploring this place, along the beautiful coral reefs, some parts of the coral reefs, keep a pool of sea water you can use for bathing, take a tour in Bali, be it with your beloved partner or beloved family, children will provide an interesting experience for them.

The location of the beach object Bias Tugel beach, located in the village of Padangbai, District Manggis, Karangasem. Distance from Denpasar about 1.5 hours by car. If planning to visit, there is a need to arrange a tour event in Bali, by visiting a number of tourist attractions in one way travel to the location, such as Bali Safari Park, Goa Lawah Temple object and watersport at Labuhan Amuk beach.
Tourist attractions Bias Tugel beach, clean white sand. White sand beaches are usually dominated by the South of Bali. So that the presence of Bias Tugel beach in East Bali area will be interesting and unique scenery, because usually the coastal area in Karangasem regency tend to be moral and black sand. Can be calculated with the finger of white sand beaches in Karangasem regency, some of them Padangbai, Blue Lagoon, Bias Tugel and Virgin Beach in Perasi village.
To go to the beach object Bias Tugel beach, before the port of ferry boat Padangbai, there is a fork, heading to the right, the road is smaller than the main road, follow the road, the streets slightly uphill, about 5 minutes drive, you arrive at the parking counter, no admission charge. From the parking lot you have to descend dozens of stairs, which lead you to the hillside. After reaching the end of the stairs there is a door left of the road to the path on the hillside filled with groves of trees and shrubs.
A fun trip, a little trekking adventure that can take you to the beach of Bias Tugel. The path on this small hillside is about 100 meters, then you will


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