Benang Kelambu Waterfall

There are several ways to get wet in this tourist spot on the island of Lombok. You can play Water on Lombok beach, or can also visit the waterfall. Make no mistake, you can get everything on this island of Lombok. If you want a cool and fresh atmosphere while playing water, then the natural waterfall tour is the right place to visit. You can visit some waterfalls on the island of Lombok. Some of them are at the foot of Mount Rinjani. If you want to see a stunning waterfall, try the Waterfall Yarn Netting. Because maybe this waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Indonesia that you ever see. Waterfall Yarn Netting Pool Lombok Waterfall Yarn Netting is the most famous waterfall on the island of Lombok. This natural waterfall tour located at the foot of Mount Agung, right in the middle of Lombok Island. Waterfall Yarn Netting is located about 32 Kilometers from Mataram City, or about 1 hour drive. You can take the route Mataram-Narmada-Sedau-Pancor Dau-Teratak-Aik Berik Village. It is recommended that you ask the locals about the location of this waterfall. Because there is only one sign of the road to the Waterfall Yarn Nets. Or you can also ask the hotel officer or tour agent. At the entrance of this waterfall, you only need to pay Rp. 5,000, – to enter the waterfall location. Once you pass through the entrance gate, you will be greeted with shady trees and a peaceful and cool atmosphere. The road to the location of the waterfall has been built in such a way, so you can go to the waterfall comfortably. Along the side of the road you can find stalls selling snacks and drinks. You can also taste Rice Kaput, a kind of mixed rice with paper wrap. Do not forget to bring a drink, because you will walk as far as 500 Meters to reach the waterfall location. In the middle of the journey you will hear the roar of the waterfall. But make no mistake, it is the roar of the Waterfall Setokel Yarn. Yes, in this location there are two waterfalls. You can drop by for a moment in this Setokel Waterfall. Lombok Setokel Waterfall “Setokel Thread” in the local language means “a bundle of threads”. Named so because its shape resembles a yarn bond. This waterfall has two dunes, with a height of about 20 meters each. The water is very clear and fresh. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a large basin and deep enough. So for you who bernyali, you can jump from the top of the waterfall to the clear and fresh pond. From the pool, the water then flows through the river. Because it’s clear, you can see the bottom of the river. If you visit with the baby, you can invite him to play in the river. The river is quite shallow and calm. So your sons and daughters can share the freshness of the water. After enjoying the Waterfall Yarn Setokel, you can continue the journey to the Waterfall Yarn Nets on foot as far as 1 Km. But do not worry, you will run under the forest grove. On the other side, you will encounter areas of cultivation of local communities planted with various crops. Like Jackfruit, Banana, Coffee, and so forth. If you do not bring food, you can buy it at stalls near the entrance gate of Yarn Nets Waterfall. Approximately 100 Meters before the location of the waterfall, the streets began to climb. You have to climb the stairs. On the side of the stairs you can see the moat with clear water. Arriving at the location, you will be stunned by the Waterfall Yarn Netting is so beautiful. At this waterfall, the water as if out of the hedgerow of plants. Actually this waterfall comes from many springs, which come straight through the cracks along the cliff. But because the cliff is covered with plants that flourish, looks like water out of the grove of plants. This waterfall is named after the Waterfall Yarn Netting because of its water-shaped water-like shaped mosquito net. This waterfall has 3 levels. The topmost level comes directly from the spring, and has a height of about 30 Meters. The second level is a continuation of the first level, with a height of about 10 Meters. The third level has a height of only 5 Meters. Unlike Setokel Yarn Waterfall, Yarn Waterfall Netting does not have a pool. So you can only wet under the damp. But interesting is you can directly drink the water, because the water is directly from the spring. The water then flows into the river that is under the waterfall. Stay away from the waterfall, you can rest on the rocks while enjoying the coolness and beauty of the surrounding scenery. In this place is the best point to see and enjoy the awesome view of the Yarn Netting Falls. Also mentioned: Yarn setokel and waterfall mosquito net, view of waterfall lombok, waterfall yarn mosquito net, setokel yarn.


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