Belatung Beach

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If you are traveling or traveling to the East Bali area of ​​South Bali by passing the Goa Lawah highway, just to the right of the border between Karangasem and Klungkung districts will see a beach. This unspoiled beach is named the coast of Maggots. This beach is named coastal Martial because it is located in Banjar Belatung, Village Pesinggahan, District Dawan, Klungkung regency. The maggot word if translated into Indonesian means cactus tree. Perhaps in this area there are many cactus trees (maggots) hence this area is named Maggot. Maggot Beach is directly adjacent to the tourist attractions of Wates Beach. Although both are on the border, but these two beaches are located in two different districts. Wates Beach is located in the district of Karangasem, while the coast of Belatung is in the earth serombotan (Klungkung district). To the west of this beach there is Goa Lawah beach and there are also tourist attractions Pura Goa Lawah already famous to the foreign countries. This black sandy beach is actually not less beautiful with other places and has a lot of tourism potential, especially from the neighboring coast of Wates beach. With the potential of the coastal maggots, ranging from the beauty of the beach to the activities of fishermen and traditional salt farmers who often attract foreign tourists to visit this beach. if you are interested to see first hand the process of making salt traditionally (natural salt maker), can try to come to this beach of maggot. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also add insight about the process of making this traditional salt nan unique. Not only visited by local wisatan, traditional salt making process is also in demand by foreign tourists who happen to vacation to East Bali. Your fishing hobby? Maggot Beach can be targeted for your hobby. This beach is a beach for the “angler mania”. Almost every day there are people who try his luck by throwing his hook into the middle of the sea. In addition, this beach meruapakan coastal fishermen, almost every day visitors will be served with views of the fishing boats are neatly lined up on this beach. Want to enjoy the sensation of sunrise? Try to come before dawn to this beach, because the maggot beach is a sunrise beach. We will be presented with beautiful scenery of the beach with the sunrise in the morning. Belatung Beach is located on the border between karangasem and klungkung regencies, precisely located Banjar Belatung, Village Pesinggahan, Dawan District, Klungkung regency. From Ngurah Rai International Airport is approximately 49 km or with travel time approximately 1 hour 15 minutes away by motor vehicle. From Semarapura city center (Kertha gosa tourism site) is only 10 km away or with 16 minutes travel time. While the object of Gowa Lawah temple is only 1 km away.


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