Batu Payung Beach

Pantai Batu Payung Lombok
Lombok is not only famous by Senggigi Beach. There is Pantai Batu Umbrella in Central Lombok, which is famous for a large coral that looks like an umbrella on its coast. Beautiful! Pantai Batu Payung can be said to be excellent among the beaches in Lombok. Tourists often talk about it. This beach is located in the Central Lombok region. Unlike the other beaches, Stone Umbrella is not as imagined. Yes, this beach does not have a stretch of white sand, consisting only of rocks and large rocks shaped like umbrellas. The route to the beach is not difficult. You can head towards Mandalika Beach which was formerly called Kuta Beach Lombok, or it can go directly towards Tanjung Aan Beach. Unfortunately, the directions are less clear and the access road to Tanjung Aan Beach is inadequate. The road was not good. If you lose your way, do not hesitate to ask the people around. The journey takes about 15 minutes from Mandalika Beach to Tanjung Aan Beach. Arriving at Tanjung Aan Beach, maybe you are the first time to go there will find where Batu Stone Umbrella. It turns out that this beach is located behind a hill across the ocean that looks from Tanjung Aan Beach. From Tanjung Aan Beach, you can walk along the beach about 30 minutes. If you want faster, you can take a boat from Tanjung Aan Beach for 15 minutes, then plus walk about 5 minutes. You have to be careful when walking down the rocks. Moss that stuck was very slippery. Enjoy the Stone Coast Umbrella! Pantai Batu Payung is a beach located on the island of Lombok precisely in Pujut Subdistrict, Central Lombok Tengah, this beach became famous after its appearance in a cigarette advertisement. the location of the umbrella stone beach is located adjacent to the beach of the cape aan its location just behind the hill that separates between the coast of Tanjung aan and the umbrella stone beach, the umbrella stone beach is one of the unique and different beaches, one that causes this unique and different beach from the beach in general is not having black sand or white sand along the beach, the sides of this beach there are only big rocks, one of which is a large stone shaped like an umbrella. From cape aan beach to the beach umbrella stone you have to walk across the stretch of white sand and along the edge of the cliff time it takes pretty long about 1 hour walk what if you want to get faster you can use the services of fishing boats are indeed much rented on the beach Tanjung if using a boat mileage only 15 minutes. From the capital city of Mataram distance to Pantai Batu Payung – / + about 65 Km can be taken around – / + 1 hour by using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel vehicles with a speed of 65-75 km / hour. The road to Batu Payung Lombok Tengah:
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