Lombok Barat – Lombok is not only suitable for natural attractions. There are also various religious attractions such as Tomb Stone Screen. Reportedly, this tomb complex became the location of a sheikh’s rest ever spread Islam in Lombok. Tomb Batu Layar is in Senggigi, West Lombok, NTB, not far from senggigi Beach. The tomb became a resting place of an Islamic propagator, believed to be called Sheikh Sayid. This tomb was also sacred by the people of Lombok. Last week, detikTravel visited with a group of journalists invited by the Ministry of Tourism to Lombok. This tomb looks quite spacious with the entrance on the front and rear. At that time, several tourists from small children to adults seemed to sit around the tomb complex. Usually, the grave will be very crowded with the pilgrims during Lebaran Topat, about 1 week after Idul Fitri. Lebaran is generally indeed started with a pilgrimage to the tomb that was sacred, including Stone Layar. Tomb of Batu Layar apparently considered sacred because local residents believe that this complex is the final resting place of Sheikh Sayid. It is said that Shaykh Sayid is a spreader of Islam in Lombok who came from Baghdad. After spreading the religion of Islam, this sheikh wants to go home. He also went to the coast in the area of ​​Batu Layar and sat on a rock. Then, there was a heavy rain accompanied by lightning and suddenly Shaykh Sayid disappeared. Circulating story also mentions that being buried in the Tomb of Stone Layar is not the body of Shaykh Sayid, but only some of his possessions. However, this tomb is still considered sacred by the people of Lombok. Well, if you’re on vacation in Lombok and want a pilgrimage, you can come to the grave every day. There is no entrance fee to the tomb, but there is a charity box available if you want to make a donation of seikhlasnya. Across the Tomb of Batu Layar, there is a viewing post where traveler can see the beauty of Senggigi Beach and its surroundings from altitude.


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