Batu Kursi Temple

Pura Batu Kursi, Buleleng
For those of you who like traveling, Pura Batu Kursi Buleleng is suitable for your visit because the place is quite famous for the traveler or traveler. For there are rows of hills. At the peak of the original Stone Seat there is a small temple and many Hindu tangkil come to the temple. And if you visit there do not forget to bring a drink because to reach the top of the hill, you have to pass thousands of Rung. However, you must be sure as long as passing through the stairs of difficulty and fatigue will be treated with the atmosphere around it is very beautiful. The distance of the parking with the location of the ladder approximately 50 meters only. And if you want to go to the existing hill area, then you need to buy tickets first with the price of Rp 5,000 for one person and you will also fill the guest book that has been given by the duty officers there. However, the price is only for local guests. Maybe for bule the price will be different. After buying your ticket go straight up the stairs to climb the hill. The stairs there are also quite a lot so it can drain enough if you go there during the day with the scorching sun. The view from the district of Gerokgak and surrounding areas will make you will spoil the eye to look at it. Therefore, the blue panorama of Pemuteran bay looks very beautiful with a number of traditional boats that are leaning very small and also the boats passing over the blue sea. When the holidays arrive, the Seat of the Chairs will always be visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Many domestic tourists come from outside Buleleng district. While the foreign tourists who often visit the area is usually to follow the trekking track. And actually in the hills of the seat adjacent to other tourist attractions such as the island of deer. So, after tired of climbing the hill Kursi you can directly enjoy the underwater in the village Pemuteran through snorkeling or diving. Later in the east of this Kursi hill area is military training area owned by TNI. And some locations for military training are also located behind the hills of Pura Pelaki adjacent to Pura Melanting. If you visit the Hill of the Kursi will feel a different atmosphere when in two different seasons. If you visit during the dry season, this area is very dry thrashing but still bring the beauty of the Seat of the Chair. If you visit during the rainy season, the hill will be very green and savanna will grow everywhere in the hills. And if you want to come to the hill of the Chair does not need to worry because there are already available some facilities such as extensive parking, toilets for men and women. There is also a shop that has provided a variety of foods and there are also rental PS for you who like playing PS. Advice for you who want to visit it do not throw garbage carelessly, because above there is no garbage can. So if you enjoy eating on your help take it down the garbage. And if you throw away litter will make the place uncomfortable. the plague a few explanations about the Seat of the Chairs that you can enjoy with the beauty and the excellent comfort.


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