Batu Kursi Hill

North Bali tourist area or district of Buleleng famous for the many natural attractions waterfalls, in addition to the beauty of nature Lovina beach with dolphin attractions or dolphins in the wild as well as underwater beauty to be a special treat for diving or snorkeling. Not only that, this area is more complete with the presence of new tourist attractions in the name of Bukit Batu Kursi, this hill is a sacred area where in the hill there is a small temple called Bukit Batu Kursi temple. By the people of Bukit Batu temple is believed to be a place to ask for guidance on the position or position, so for those of you who want to get or occupy a certain position, can plead at this temple. However, this sacred area is not only visited by Hindus who want to pray, but also they are tourists and locals who want to picnic or adventure to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding hilltop. Although this place is not new, but because it is newly arranged with various supporting facilities including access road to the location so that Bukit Batu Kursi can now complete the list of attractions in Buleleng. If you are a lover of nature adventure tourism, then Bukit Batu Kursi with various advantages offered are worthy of your visit, complete the list of attractions in Bali that already exist. After the rainy season of Bukit Batu This chair will look green blossomed, ridge filled by savanna, the beauty of the valley and lined the hills into a special attraction in the Bukit Batu this Kursi attractions, from the top of the hill you can also see the traditional boat-passing on the beach Pemuteran, a rare natural dish that you can rarely find, so it is not surprising Bali musician Gus Teja ever made a video clip here. At the time of natural green in this area, at first glance looks like a hillside view of Campuhan Ubud. But in the dry season, the savannas grown on the ridge seem to disappear from drought, presenting a very different scene between the rainy and dry seasons. You can choose the right moment to enjoy the beauty of nature in Bukit Batu Kursi. The emergence of a new tourist attraction Bukit Batu This seat provides a variety of options for you lovers of traveling, immortalize the journey with selfie photographs in this area become the latest trends you can do, and can introduce this attraction to the wider community. Enjoy the natural beauty of Bukit Batu Kursi, it would be better if you visit in the morning, because of the ridge you can see the natural beauty of sunrise or sunrise, besides the trip will be more fun because it is not too hot while enjoying the fresh morning air and far from hustle and bustle of the city, along the way there is no shelter, so if you do not want your skin burned then avoid visiting during the day or can take umbrella, more recommended to visit in the morning or afternoon. The beauty as well as the spectacular panoramic view of the Bukit Batu tourist attraction The heavenly seats in the Northern Bali hemisphere. From the note book visitors every day visited an average of 300 people, indicating this place began to be known to the public and tourists. To complement the supporting facilities, provided parking area, toilets, food and beverage traders, ticket price of Rp 5,000 / person domestic. If after arriving at Pura Batu Kursi located on the hill, you may enter but with the condition of using custom clothing and not in a state of cuntaka as there is a family died or come month. This area is very beautiful and beautiful, so it is also expected you to maintain cleanliness around it by not littering. The address or location of Bukit Batu Kursi is in the village of Pemuteran, Grokgak Subdistrict, Buleleng Regency. Distance from Denpasar far enough about 123 km, while from Lovina tourist attraction is 46 km. Popular places adjacent to this Batu Kursi Hill is Pemuteran Temple, Pura Pulaki, Pura Melanting and also Menjangan Island, so if you walk the tour or with the destination of spiritual tourism Tirtayatra you can visit a number of nearby places, from the location of the temple Bukit Batu This chair is behind Pura Pemuteran (Pura Mutering Jagat). Travel to the location can rent a car plus the driver, so your trip can be more relaxed. Visiting this attraction, then you must prepare a stamina that fit, because it must climb thousands of stairs and travel somewhat uphill although there is no steep climb, but it takes extra time and effort to be able to enjoy the beauty it serves. About 50 meters from the parking lot of the vehicle, thousands of stairs about 700 meters await you. Prepare also food and drink because at the top of the hill there is no trader. Stepping onthe stairs after the stairs on the slopes and on the ridge, will not be felt because along the way you are treated to interesting scenery and pause and prepare for selfie photos. The origin of the naming of this place of course there is a story that behind it so that the history or stories are passed on to the children and grandchildren. Named Batu Kursi because at the top of the hill stands a temple where there is a large stone about 20 meters in diameter and shaped chairs. In this temple berstana Bhatara Lingsir Bagawan Cakru Geni that still has a connection with Pura Pucak Manik. At first around 1984, according to people’s accounts no one realized that the stone is shaped like a chair, the residents only consider the usual mountain rock, its existence only caught after a paranormal named Jro Nyoman Cara experience krauhan or trance when doing tapa on the stone. Including there is also a Anak Agung from Pamecutan Castle received wangsit that around the hill there is a stone-shaped chair or Stone Makorsi, from the instructions niskala is finally just realized the existence of this place. Many of the unique and peculiar things that are often found in the area of ​​the Bukit Kursi temple in Pemuteran, such as the traces of a huge tiger claw on an enau tree that is believed that the ruler bersatana in this temple is sharpening the nails. Pura Bukit Batu Kursi other than believed to invoke the guidance of a position / position also to ask for luck based on holy heart and sincerely sincere.


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