Batu Dawa Tree House

The Karangasem Bali tree house, opened in 2015. The start of the famous Karangasem tree house attraction, as some of the adventurous youngsters, and wanting a unique and different holiday atmosphere, take photos from the location of the tree house. Photos generated from the tree house, have a unique viewpoint, because it is taken from a high place. Because many photos taken from the tree house and then uploaded in social media such as Instagram and facebook. This makes a lot of young people and local teenagers of Bali, interested to visit the tree house Karangasem, to get a vacation spot with unique nuance and different from other holiday places in Bali. Founder of Batu Dawa tree house, named Mr. Komang Sakrana. Batu Dawa Tree House, built on an area of ​​6,000 square meters / 0.6 hectares. For the moment there are only 2 tree houses and tree house materials mostly made of bamboo. The capacity of a tree house can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. So when crowded with tourist visits, readers must be willing to queue. The uniqueness of the Karangasem Kubu tree house, located on the access to climb the tree house. To be able to climb the tree house, the reader must pass a bridge made of bamboo. It was quite high also this bamboo bridge, pretty make my knees shaking. Please be advised yes! I am afraid of heights. Once the reader arrives at the tree house, the scenery is beautiful, it will look 180 degrees. If the reader faces southwest, you will see the peak of Mount Agung (the highest volcano on the island of Bali). If the reader faces east, the stretch of Amed beach and the coast of Tulamben with a view of the blue sea will be visible. So beautiful scenery, made me forget to set foot on high ground. In addition to the uniqueness of the building from the tree house, in this place there is also a building of neatly-shaped land round-moon, the higher the more conical. Under the tree house area there is also a swing and a gazebo. The location of the Karangasem tree house is located in the eastern part of Bali, precisely located in Batu Dawa village, Kubu district, Karangasem district, Bali province. Because the location of the tree house adjacent to the tourist attractions Tulamben, which is about 20 minutes away. So many people mention the name of a tree house in Batu Dawa village, with the Tulamben tree house name. So if anyone mentions Tulamben tree house, it means the tree house of Batu Dawa Karangasem village. If the reader departs from tourist attractions Kuta Bali, then to get to the location of the Kubu Karangasem tree house, will travel approximately 3 hours. Not bad, yes!


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