Banyumala Waterfall

If you love beautiful scenery and can enjoy it directly then Banyumala Waterfall is the best location. This resort is located in the Village Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. The location is hidden to make this waterfall is not much known by tourists. However, do not be mistaken beauty Banyumala Waterfall worth juxtaposed with other waterfalls that are in the vicinity such as Waterfall or Gitgit Waterfall.

Banyumala Waterfall is at the bottom of a valley with three sides of the waterfall and the largest and highest is right in the middle, then the smaller waterfall is on the right and left. Just below the Banyumala Waterfall there is a pond that is formed naturally and in fact this is what makes this waterfall became very famous. With the water is very clear and calm makes you feel safe to swim in it.

It is so clear you can even see the bottom of this pool when viewed from above although the deepest place can reach a depth of 2 meters. Fresh air and a beautiful atmosphere will welcome you when you reach this waterfall. The expanse of beauty will spoil your eyes when you get there. This waterfall is perfect for you who want to play water, ranging from swimming or just wet. Although the diameter is not too broad that is about 20 meters, but you will not be bored with the scenery that is there.

The beauty of a very beautiful waterfall formation becomes the main attraction. This place is also suitable for your selfie mania, because there are beautiful spots that you can choose. The road to the waterfall is sometimes quite difficult. From the parking lot continue the journey to the guard post about 100 meters by foot. Arrive there you will find a guard post to pay entrance fee for Rp 10.000 per person.

The journey continues again through the descending stairway of the ground. In addition you will find an artificial ladder made of wood to cross the cliff. No need to worry, artificial stairs made of bamboo is safe enough to use toward the location. The downhill path is quite extreme of course will be found here. Down the paths splitting bushes and rows of green trees with bird chirps certainly make the journey as tiring as well as fun.

Lush and green forest overflow turned out to save its own beauty. Not far from there you will find a hidden paradise in the form of a waterfall that is still beautiful and very natural. Throughout the eye the plant sprouted among the rocks. This seems to separate the waterfall into two parts. The current is not so heavy as other waterfalls, but the water features that fall through the rocks among the plants that spread has its own charm.

When departing from Denpasar you will travel for 3 hours. Look for T-junction Tamblingan. When leaving from Bedugul, head north until you find the junction of Busung Biu and Singaraja sub-districts. From there turn left right on the main road of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan. Follow the path straight up to find a guide to the waterfall. The guide is the entrance to the waterfall about 3.5 km distance. If you want more easily it is better to use a motor vehicle. The distance to the car for parking a little further than the parking of motor vehicles.


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