Bangko-bangko Beach

Pantai Bangko Bangko Lombok
Beach Bangko-bangko, hearing his name alone may be quite foreign dinelinga you, although this one beach is not as famous and famous as Senggigi Beach or Beach kuta Lombok, but if asked the problem of natural panorama, this beach is not less beautiful than the 2 beaches. Not only rely on the beauty and exoticism of nature, Beach bangko-bangko also offers a variety of water sports activities that you can try there, which certainly can make you feel at home for long in the water. Like Surfing / Surfing, even one of the World’s Official Sporting Organization states that the waves of this beach are also known as the “Desert Point” worthy of entering the top 10 best, because the type of waves that are not easily broken until the lonely and deep rolls and high waves make this place as the best number 6 in the World and even beat a row of Beach Waves in Bali, even the professional surfers from around the World say that visiting and trying the Beach waves Bangko-bangko is a dream that must be realized. Wow !, AMAZING deh for Pantai Bangko-bangko. Then for those of you who like fishing, prepare your bait to hunt Strike-strike with the tremor Fish strong enough, just able to satisfy your fishing hobby. On the beach bangko-bangko own indeed save so many fishing spots are also visited by many anglers – pementer Nusantara. Bahakan by one of the famous fishing programs like “Fishing Mania”. Try sailing and prepare your fishing line, but do not be surprised if the super-sized tuna you can get easily. just prepare for a fish party. But you need to know the anglers usually rent a boat on the Beach Ampenan to get the fish prey. Do not worry for those who do not like to linger in the middle of the sea but still want to eat fish. The beach is close to a fishing village that provides a variety of their fresh catches. According to local residents, even if the season of tuna fish usually occurs in July to August, fishermen there can catch tuna to a thousand tails per day, Wow !. In addition to fishing bangko-bangko Beach can also be a place to swim and snorkeling. Yes though desert point is known for its ferocious waves, but there is also a place that is quite gentle with calm waves and soft white sand and various types of fish and coral reefs are still awake, suitable for you snorkling lovers. Not only the water activity, in bangko-bangko you can also try trekking or explore nature Bangko-bangko Forest which is a conservation center of animals and rare plants and store a myriad of history, it can add to your insight. Its 2,169 hectare Magrove forest is available for exploration. At the edge of this forest cliff, you will find the remains of the ruins of the Japanese colonial fortress and its cannon. In addition to the legacy of war, this forest also stores vegetation Bangko-Bangko like Pandan Laut (Pandanus Sp) and Biduri (Calonthlropus Gigantea). In addition, various types of plants can also be found such as Bajur, Kesambi, and Waru. Go into the forest, now we will be treated to animals such as Bangko Bangko jungle chicken, eagle bendol, koakiau, king of shrimp, and sea eagles. If lucky, you will find a rare butterfly that is protected Helena Trocles. How ?, interested in vacation to Pantai bangko-bangko ?, Yuk! immediately wrote there !. located in Batu Putih Village Sekotong District, West Lombok, even face to face with Nusa Penida Bali island that looks faint from the coastline. Located 70 Km from the city of Mataram, with about 2 hours drive. Finally we always remind sob, so as not to throw any kind of garbage carelessly on the Beach Bangko-bangko, because by obeying the rules, it means you also have participated to preserve the nature and progress of Tourism on the island of Lombok.


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