Banah Beach

If in Bali there is Uluwatu, then in Nusa Penida there is Banah. Bukit Banah or often called the beach Banah Nusa Penida is not beach or white sand. It is a cliff-hill with an expansive ocean view. Instead, the cliff on this beach is a unique cliff with a hole in the middle. Banah Beach has several small islands or can be said that the cliffs are in the middle of the ocean. One of the cliffs that have uniqueness that there is a hole under it so it looks very beautiful. This perforated cliff known as the Banah Cliff. On the cliffs grew grass and small trees. The beautiful scenery created here makes tourists amazed. Taking pictures at the beach of Banah does look very spectacular. Especially if taking a photo from the edge of the hill with that being around 200 meters above sea level with a view facing the sea. The cliff of Banah which is the belle of Banah Beach does look very sturdy standing in the middle of the sea. Especially with the hole in the middle makes it more beautiful if immortalized in the camera. Not only the uniqueness and beauty of the Banah Cliff is always anticipated by tourists who come, but also the blue ocean view that stretches. In addition there is also a view that must be enjoyed the view of Manta Point. Manta Point charm is indeed preferred by lovers of diving. Because at Manta Point not only manta fish that look stunning but also the underwater scenery is captivating. The Banah beach has no white sand, but has a vast meadow. The pasture here can also be a unique and interesting photo location. Banah Beach is located in Banjar Salak, Batumadeg Village, Nusa Penida Sub-district, Klungkung Regency, Bali. After enjoying the beauty at the beach of Banah, you can continue the journey to Mata Air Tembeling to feel the freshness of the springs. Located at the southern tip of Nusa Penida Island, Banah Beach can be reached within 45 minutes from Toyo Pakeh Harbor. The journey is not as easy as imagined. The first hundred meters from the Port of Toyo Pakeh, climbs and descendants must be traversed. After reaching 1 kilometer journey, road perforated and broken is a challenge that must be faced. Need extra caution in driving the vehicle to avoid accidents. The scenery along the way is also quite interesting. There are not many people’s houses along the way. The verdant fields with cassava, cassava or teak plants. Teak trees add a little shady atmosphere in the heat of the air. Although struggling to reach the beach of Banah, but the struggle paid off with the view. To get the best view, you can go through the path to the cliffs further down. At the end of this cliff the breadth of the sea stretched and increasingly amazed at the beauty that is created. It does not take long to explore this natural beauty. If you arrive in the morning, the sunrise becomes the prettiest sight seen. If you arrive in the afternoon, the sunset at Banah Beach becomes the most romantic moment you can have.


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