Bali Zoo Park Gianyar

Bali Zoo Park is included in Gianyar Bali regency. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the Bali Zoo Gianyar location, if the reader departs from the tourist resort area of ​​Ubud Bali. The complete location address of Bali Zoo Gianyar is located at Singapadu Street, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency. The location of Bali Zoo Singapadu Gianyar is very strategic, because its location is in the middle of Gianyar Bali tourism object. Below are some tourist attractions in Bali which is located near the location of Bali Zoo Gianyar. By knowing the location of the nearest tourist attraction from Singapadu Gianyar zoo, the reader can use as a reference to make itenary holiday in Bali with one way route. The main attraction of Bali Zoo Park lies in the layout and design of the park with the path where visitors are organized and directed. With the path of visitors are arranged very well, making the first pengujung vacation to Bali Zoo Park, will not be confused.
Because I am a father so very well know the wishes of children. Sometimes not all children love the holidays to the zoo. Zoo Park Gianyar is very observant about this, so the zoo facilities are also equipped with water rides, which makes all the children will like. Integration between zoos and water rides, one of the main attractions for a holiday to Zoo Park Gianyar Bali. Many Indonesian tourists are having vacations to the zoo, as almost most have already seen zoos before. If you are holiday with a child, in this zoo park, your child will get a unique experience. Because Bali Zoo Gianyar allows children to feed animals, such as feeding deer, feeding elephants, playing with rabbits and watching birdwatching shows.
Animal Encounter
You and the children if you wish, can take a photo with the animals. Bali Zoo Park is also home to some protected rare animals such as forest people, Sumatran tiger and Bawean deer. In addition to rare animals, Zoo Park Gianyar Bali also has a collection of other animals such as, white tiger, African lions and various species of birds and reptiles.


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