Bali Shell Museum

Bali has a series of unique museums that must be visited. One of them is Bali Shell Museum, the only seashell museum in Indonesia. There are many fossil shells in various types, as well as hundreds of years old!
If you take a walk on Jalan Sunset, Kuta, Bali, you will see a large shell-shaped building. As the name implies, it is the only Bali Shell Museum in Indonesia. This shell museum is the “sister” of the shell museums in France, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and the US.
The owner, Stephen, has been interested in shellfish since childhood. For decades he has collected shells, as well as traveling all over the world to collect scarce fossil fossils. Bali Shell Museum is one of the hard work. Unmitigated, this museum was built at a cost of Rp 6 billion. In this 1,500 m2 museum, you can see thousands of species of shells.
Citing the official website of Bali Shell Museum, Monday (6/11/2012), the museum is divided into three floors. Enter the museum, you will be faced with a beautiful gallery containing various accessories made of shells. There are lights, wall displays, until the knick-knacks are nicely styled.
Climb to the second floor, you will be faced with a collection of shells in various sizes and ages. Eits, these shells are not only taken from Indonesian waters only, but also the whole world!
There are fossils of Orthoceras, long flat shells that are estimated to be 395 million years old. There are two giant Ammonites. On this floor also, visitors can see the largest fossil shells in Asia called Crinions. This fossil is 1.4 meters in diameter weighing 1.7 kilograms!
Up to the third floor, you will be exposed to the museum of marine biota. Of course the type of shell is still on this floor, like the very shiny Cypraea moneta. That said, these shells had been used as a means of payment in the past. On this floor there are also fossils of various types of sea urchins, sharks, starfish, and others.
Tourists who visit this museum not only from domestic, but also abroad like the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, and Malaysia. Guaranteed, you will not regret coming to Bali Shell Museum. In addition to enriching knowledge, you can also see the richness of nature is priceless.


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