Bali Pulina Agrowisata

Coffee, nature, and friends, make the perfect blend. This quote is appropriate when enjoying the most expensive cup of coffee in the world with a different sensation in Bali Pulina. What else if instead of enjoying civet coffee among the beautiful Ubud terrace. The concept agrowisata, Bali Pulina presents a different sensation in enjoying a cup of coffee with the natural scenery of Ubud. Bali Pulina is a typical coffee and chocolate agro-tourism garden. Agro tourism opened since 2011 is located in Banjar Pujung Kelod, Sebatu Village, Tegalalang District, Ubud. The initial idea of ​​Agro-tourism development is to improve the local coffee farmer’s economy. With the concept of agro tourism, Bali Pulina juggle the area of ​​coffee plantation into an interesting natural tourist location to become a hangout, looking for inspiration, or intend to learn coffee. This agro tour is open every day starting at 07.00 – 19.00 WITA. The price of the entry fee of 100 thousand rupiah per person, including the voucher to taste the 8 types of coffee and tea flavor variants served lined up in a placemat, and one cup of choice, including civet coffee that hits it. Ticket prices also include a mini tour in the coffee plantation. Visitors will be accompanied by a friendly guide during the tour. There, visitors are treated to the process of making civet coffee in a natural atmosphere typical of the countryside. All the process of making coffee from raw coffee to be ready-brewed powder coffee, can be found here, including also can see the form of its own mongoose, complete with its ‘poop’. Finished mini tour, visitors are welcome down to the stage of Kembang Kopi Stage wood. The stage is made of wood that is fixed to the valley. The stage is quite broad and conical, like a boat deck. While there, we came almost together with a group of female tourists. They had a wefie at the end of the ‘deck’ while singing the song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Celine Dion. Feeling in the Titanic movie. From this stage, visitors can drink coffee while enjoying the view of typical rice terraces Tegalalang, Bali, which is known beautiful. Here, the waiter presents a variety of drinks to enjoy. There are 8 small ceramic cups in a saucer. The cups contain some coffee and tea tester, consisting of lemon tea, ginger tea, ginger coffee, chocolate coffee, pure cocoa, vanilla coffee, and pure Bali coffee One of them can be selected as a main drink served with snack, which is lupis snack and fried bananas. Luwak coffee is not included in the tester, but can choose Luwak coffee as a choice of drink.
If you want to buy coffee sachet to be brought as a souvenir, here also there is a souvenir shop that sells various kinds of coffee, really. Oh yes, here just opened Spring Water Swimming Pool. The concept is a pool of natural spring surrounded by trees, terraces, suspension bridges, and streams. The pond water does not contain any chemicals, so it is very safe for the body. Entrance fee is Rp 100.000, – for adults, Rp 80.000, – for children (3-12 years), and free for under 5 years old children.
So, if you are a coffee or ginseng tea lover, do not miss this agro-tourism while in Ubud!


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