Bali Bird Park

Many things are presented on the island of God is for you who are on vacation or family tours, not only the beautiful scenery of the beach or the cool nature of the mountains only, man-made recreation places are also able to become its own attraction. As is the case with the existence of Bird Park or Bali Bird Park in Singapadu village, it can be the next destination for you bird lovers as well as for your children. Bird Park in Bali is indeed has the most complete bird collection on the island, including also has a breeding place called “Bali Nursery” a place to breed rare birds that should not be anyone can enter and should not be entered visitors. Bali Bird Park in Singapadu Gianyar is a tourist attraction or a very pleasant recreational park for those of you who want to know the various species of rare birds in Indonesia, this bird park has about 1000 animals of the poultry species of 250 species, with a collection that is certainly a lot of things which you can know in Bali Bird Park, because in addition to bird collection of shady tropical trees and shade into attractive scenery and create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Located in Bali Bird Park, as if enjoying birds in their natural habitat, so the largest bird park on the island of God has become a popular tourist destination or recreation for families especially ana-anak, for children can be an educational tour, they can get to know the wild, and know the birds – rare birds from remote protected areas including bird collections imported from Australia, South America and Africa. Certainly the opportunity to visit this bird park becomes a vacation experience that is rarely to be found in other areas. The area of ​​Bali Bird Park about 2 hectares, giving visitors the opportunity to walk around enjoying a wide range of birds including tropical trees of about 2000 species. This bird park attraction in Gianyar, has one of the rare birds that became the icon of Bali, namely Jalak Bali which its existence is almost extinct and protected by the government. Not just anyone can keep or have this bird, there must be a special permit and certain conditions that must be met. Bali Bird Park is located at the strategic location of Singapadu highway, Singapadu village, Sukawati district, Gianyar regency. Distance from Denpasar about 13 km, while from Ngurah Rai Airport about 25 km, very affordable distance from Bali tourism centers like Kuta, Nusa Dua and also Sanur. This bird park is also adjacent to the Batubulan tourist attraction that presents the Barong Dance performances every morning. For package tour in Bali to this place get complete info in this website. Bali Bird Park is also close to Bali Zoo Park which is popular for children’s recreation in Bali. The location is also in line with Ubud tourist attraction and Kintamani, so if you scheduled tour to Ubud or Kintamani destination you can visit this bird garden easier, so more efficient time. Activities that can be done besides enjoying the forest park and bird collection, visitors can also take pictures with birds, watching the flying parrots and theater 4 dimensions. Not only poultry but you can see reptile parks inhabited by a number of reptiles, one of which is rare and almost extinct is Komodo. If you feel tired here is also available dining restaurant. Every day is always crowded by tourists, the surge of visitors will occur during the holidays and New Year holidays. While this attraction is more dominated by foreign visitors, but now so many domestic tourists and local residents who are interested in enjoying bird collection in Bali Bird Park especially during Lebaran holidays, Christmas and New Year. A well-laid place, a trail is made to guide you to watch the entire bird collection owned by Bird Park, dozens of cages containing poultry collections such as golden hen, pergam bodas, peacock, blue peacock, bayan, there are also types of macaws among them; macaw buffon, macaw severa, macaw byacin, blue gold macaw, macaw scarlet and macaw dear green. There is a collection of gray parrots, crimson wing parakeet, cassowary, golden junai, hawk-eagle bido and javan hawks. In the next few cages there is a collection of starlings Bali has started rare, there are birds of paradise, love bird, bondol, starlings africa, love bird, long tail wydah, king kasturi, yellow line pemic, parrot, parrot king, Javanese paret, julang and many others you see here. In a giant cage you can enter and mingle with the forest dwellers, it can be a special experience.


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