Balangan Beach

The beach is one of the best places that travelers choose to calm the mind. Of course, the beach must have a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. If the purpose of holiday to Bali this time is for self-relaxation, Balangan Beach is a must-go destination .. The location is quite far from the center of the crowd, so you will get the quiet atmosphere that is needed to re-invigorate the soul and body. Plus, the beautiful sea view with a background of rows of coconut trees, your body and mind would be much more relaxed after the beach Balangan.Nama Balangan Beach is still not popular when compared with Kuta Beach. But, that does not mean this beach is not worth your visit when on holiday to Bali. Balangan Beach has some special features that interesting for you eksplor. but this beach is not less beautiful beach with the beaches in Bali, but it is not so popular among the people.


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