Bajra Sandhi Monument

Tourist attractions Bajra Sandhi Monument, is a monument located in the heart of Denpasar, where it is located in Renon area. This monument was built and dedicated to the struggle of the people of the island of Bali. Many domestic tourists who do not know about Renon Denpasar area. In fact, many who know about the monument Bajra Sandhi Renon is a foreign tourist. Such as Korean and Chinese tourists. The question is, what’s in Renon area? If Jakarta has a Monas, the island of Bali has Bajra Sandhi. They both serve as memorial monuments. The architectural design of Bajra Sandhi Monument is very thick with Balinese architecture, many carvings and sculptures are very unique. monument bajra sandhi is visited by many tourists especially in the afternoon many people who are around the monument to the sport this place is perfect for sports other than that in the monument there is also a museum so for the parents who want to take the kids for a walk this place is perfect in addition to his beautiful place we can invite children to know the history.


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