Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida: One of Bali’s Pride Beaches – Well, after resting in a hut in Pulau Seribu and filling our stomachs, we continue our final journey in Nusa Penida to the east before the Toyapakeh Port to catch the ship that will leaving for Nusa Lembongan. Although there was no doubt about not going to Atuh Beach because of the fatigue that we feel plus one of our friends who passed out after trekking to Pulau Seribu and Raja Lima, so we made a determination to get there, as this is our last day in Nusa Penida and time is still possible. As I mentioned in the previous Thousand Island article, the location of Atuh Beach and Pulau Seribu are close to each other or can be said to be in the same area. Atuh Beach is one of the beaches that are part of the beaches of Pulau Seribu. There may be other beautiful beaches yet unexplored, who knows? The trip from Pulau Seribu to Atuh Beach takes about 15 minutes by car. This is because the streets are ugly and rocky. Plus the condition of the narrow road and up and down the hill, for us it was a complete journey. After maximizing the remaining power, we did not feel arrived at Atuh Beach area. But do not be happy, from where we parked our car must walk about 20 minutes longer to reach Atuh Beach itself in broad daylight. For those of you who use motorcycles here, you’re lucky! A smooth road around here you can pass close to a hut close to the stalls, but if with a car like us then you have to walk again because the road is very narrow. But because the view of the left and right is so good then the journey that must be taken is more fun. Initially my friend said that this street is easy if passed because he saw a smooth road and cemented well. But Bli who became our tour guide said that do not be fooled because this is nothing. “If the streets like this, the hell, grandma can also”, chorus, We laughed at his comments. He continued, “there are still roads to go from here and I can not accompany ya”. Indeed previously Bli said that to be able to reach Atuh Beach we have to go down the ladder length 1.5 times compared when trekking to Pulau Seribu. Hmm The series of stairs are already cemented well. However, looking steep and high our position to reach the spot and there is no rope handle on the side of the stairs make this location quite dangerous. If we are wrong stepped or not careful might fall into the abyss and directly nyemplung free to the sea below. Horrified, right! ?? Bli was also reminded, for those who are afraid of heights and have a history of heart disease it is advisable not to go downwards than to bother yourself. I was with my friends taking pictures on one of the steps before arriving at Atuh Beach. We take pictures using the camera timer. It shows the stairs. Finally, me and my two friends remain undaunted with the information from the Bli. We still want to see the beauty of Atuh Beach which when viewed from the photo is very beautiful. Only one of my friends left their intentions. He chose to stay in a shop that has a hut to rest and from this hut can directly see the beach scene. It was already around 13.30 WITA and the Bli said that we could get back up at 15.00 WITA so that it would not be late to the Port of Toyapakeh, considering that the distance from Atuh Beach to the harbor takes approximately 60 minutes if there is no obstacle. One by one the stairs we managed to pass. Very curious indeed, but we excited just because the view that he served in the form of white sand and sea water turquoise green and rolling waves below as if calling us to get there soon. The staircase is wide enough, but there are some points where the distance from one rung to the other is far enough so that we have to move wider in order to reach it. True there is no rope there, there are only wild plants that grow on the cliffs. We came down cautiously, slowly but surely. Every now and then we immortalize our moments from here to see that we are at the point above the beach.


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