Coffee lovers admit that coffee is an art in one gulp. Artist Coffee Studio proves that art in coffee is more than just a gulp. And that’s what ultimately makes this coffee shop in Ubud feel special. What do you expect from a coffee shop? Delicious coffee and simple comfort? Well, Artist Coffee Studio gives you more than two things. This one coffee shop is an ‘art gallery’ created by David Sullivan and Rodney Glick. When I get here, I’ve been mesmerized with modified plastic chairs in such a way. The ordinary plastic chair was ‘transformed’ into a comfortable rocking chair with a chair leg replaced with wooden pieces. Unfinished by the creativity of the seats, I was surprised again by the percentage of a cup of café latte that I ordered.

Café latte comes packaged with a glass of water that glass made from recycled bottles plus a typical Indonesian snack cake nagasari market. This coffee shop was not playing games ‘artist’ to be the name of the shop. Proven from the recycle-up themed interior that is really creative and artful. Not only excels in the interior, Artists Coffee Studio also mix coffee with no kidding. The baristanya like artists who expertly make delicious coffee that makes coffee lovers come many times. Artists Coffee Studio also roasting their own coffee. So for those who want to buy coffee and bring home to be brewed at home, provided a lot of coffee beans choices that enjoy no doubt. This coffee shop is more than just a coffee shop. This is a ‘mini gallery’ of creativity and coffee fused into one.

For those of you who want to enjoy a good breakfast? Come in the morning. Me and two friends deliberately come early in order to enjoy the breakfast menu that makes the stomach happy. The perfection of the morning does come from a great breakfast and a cup of deliciously delicious coffee. And that’s what I get when it comes to Artists Coffee Studio. If you want to experience a different cup of coffee here, sit in the coffee bar. You will freely see the baristas dispensing coffee with the cool. Occasionally invite the baristas to talk. They will give you coffee knowledge that will probably increase your knowledge of the world of coffee. I myself choose to sit in the coffee bar while asking these questions with the baristanya. Fortunately the friendly bravado answered my nagging question. For you who happen to be in Bali, come to Ubud and feel the sensation of drinking coffee at Seniman Coffee Studio which is now one of the top 10 coffee shop in Bali. Believe me, after stopping once you will definitely come back again.


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