Art Center

The Art Center (Taman Budaya) or Werdhi Budaya Park is located on Jalan Nusa Indah Denpasar is one of the widest and most complex places for cultural performances derived from the local wisdom of the whole island of the gods, where every year the Bali Arts Festival is held here.
This Cultural Park presents a recreation place for the citizens of the city as well for tourists, strategic location, well designed following neatly landscaped gardens, as well as a number of tree perindang in some parts so it is quite cool.
Art Center or Werdhi Park This culture has an area of ± 14 hectares. Become the target of tourist visit while traveling city tour, tempatnyapun guarded and well maintained, beautiful, every day many foreign and domestic visitors. If in a city tour package at KOta Denpasar, a visit to this Cultural Park is mandatory.
at night in the art center often on stage performing arts and culture of bali like: drama gong bali, lawak bali, or concert, etc ..


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