Angseri Hot Water

Tour in Bali with the purpose of hot water bath attractions we encounter many in the region of Tabanan, one of the hot water bathing Angseri. This place can be an alternative tourism destination after you are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of coastal areas, especially the beautiful beaches that surround the island of Bali like the coastal areas located in the South. You are often a vacation to Bali, then the attractions such as Kuta beach, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran and Sanur is no longer a top priority and tend to want to find alternative tourist attractions in Bali in addition to the beach. As often asked by customers when following the tour either that is joining a tour package in Bali or rent a car in Bali with a driver, asking for new attractions or attractions other than the beach that can be visited during the tour, then a number of options we can recommend is a tour natural waterfalls, lakes, terraced rice fields, temples and hot springs such as in this Angseri village. There are a number of hot spring water attractions in Bali, some of which are quite popular hot water bathing Toya Bungkah Kintamani, hot water penatahan Tabanan, hot water Belulang, hot water Banjar Buleleng, and also in the village Angseri. This Angseri hot spring tourist attraction, in addition to having a pool soaking place, also presents the rice field terraces, located in the middle of the bamboo forest, so the place is beautiful and green with a variety of tropical trees, quite interesting to visit, because in addition to enjoy the therapy natural hot water is believed to cure various skin diseases also become eye therapy with natural beauty that is served, including the existence of a small waterfall next to the bathing pool. Distance from Denpasar to Angseri hot spring about 1 hour drive. Its location is in Angseri village, District of Baturiti, Tabanan. Until the parking you have to walk through the path about 300 meters, not so tiring because the access to the location is very easy among the bamboo trees that become the perindang so it feels cool then arrived in the streets down through the rice fields, as well as bringing the terraced rice field looks beautiful, a number of food and beverage stalls can be a place to relax while enjoying the natural surroundings, and eventually arrived at the end of the trip at the bottom of the valley where the location of the hot water bathing Angseri is located. Entrance to the bath is cheap enough only Rp 7.000 / person, and you can be free to swim in the swimming baths open. This Angseri hot spring in Tabanan Bali, beautifully designed surrounded by beautiful gardens, located at the bottom of a river basin, feels so cool combined with the existence of a bath that offers the warmth of a therapeutic place for its visitors. There is also a small waterfall next to the hot springs. Private chambers bathing in Angseri baths In Angseri Tabanan hot spring area, there is a large pool that holds hot water, two pipe showers over a reservoir are available as a place for water to flow, the water flowing into the pipe is a natural hot water that comes out from the bowels of the earth, feels more hot than the water in the pond shelter. This place can be a pretty natural therapy body is quite interesting. Moreover, most residents believe that the hot water in Angseri can cure various skin diseases. In addition to an outdoor swimming pool which is free for children and adults, there are also at least 6 closed chambers in which there is a pool for swimming can accommodate up to 5 people, the place is more privacy because it is in an enclosed space, and to soak in the room it costs Rp 10.000rb / booth / 30 minutes. The price is quite affordable for those of you who want to feel the sensation of soaking in a natural hot spring pool. As a tourist place, Angseri hot spring in Tabanan has adequate facilities such as large parking area, toilets, dressing rooms, restaurants and food and beverage stalls, including a choice of bathing place, available pool and pool privacy. Bali tourist attraction is worth your agendakan when arranging a tour to the Tabanan region as with the purpose of tour to Jatiluwih and Beratan Bedugul lake.
How To Go To Attraction Angseri Hot Water Bathing
Before you go to Angseri hot spring location, pay attention also to the opening hours of this attraction, open every day between 08.30 – 18.00, on Saturday and Sunday weekend duration instead of longer than 08.00 – 20.00.


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