Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong, The Hidden Paradise Behind the Nusa Penida Beach Bali Rocks
If we usually swim in the swimming pool is relatively quiet and comfortable, it may dong occasionally feel swimming or just soaking in a kind of pool but in a natural feel and full of challenges. One of them can be found while traveling to the island of Nusa Penida Bali where the location of this natural pool is located between the rocks and cliffs at the edge of the beach and adjacent location with Pasih Uug Beach is very famous for the beauty of the shoreline edge cliffs forming a giant hole nan unique. To get to the island of Nusa Penida, then we can cross using a speedboat from the pier crossing in Sanur Bali. Currently there are many speedboat operators who serve the route Sanur – Nusa Penida and depart almost every hour, so please select and adjust with your time ya gaes. If you want to be more satisfied to explore the beauty of Nusa Penida Island, then my suggestion should stay on the island, or can also take route from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan Island or Nusa Ceningan Island then stay on the island and can take the whole day tour package with starting point from Island Nusa Lembongan or from Nusa Ceningan Island to Nusa Penida Island, because the location of these three islands is very close together. If you have arrived at Nusa Penida Island, the road trip on the island can be continued by motorbike (can rent on this island, all the rental guidelines because you will be dizzy to find a super hard location, isolated so deh) or can also rent a car (though the rate is quite expensive, because it is still limited the amount of rental car). When I visited last time, I had rented a car for Rp 400 thousand for a day trip around the island to several places nearby, because if we choose some tourist sites are quite far apart, then the cost of car rental also become more expensive. And, the car is also not a kind of Avanza berac, but a kind of public car angkot so deh bro sis, complete with natural air conditioning aka open window wkwkkw. Not pa pa deh, the important happy and can see the natural beauty of Nusa Penida Island that make me amazed because I did not think so beautiful. Travel from Pasih Uug Beach to Angels Billabong Nusa Penida Bali After a journey of approximately 1 hour and passing the road that is not asphalt, so get ready to wobble in the car oh yes gaes, then we will first reach the attractions Pasih Uug Beach and then travel to Angels Billabong location by walking about 300 meters, crossing the hill with a walkway and finally reaching the area which is full of rocks because of its location which is located on the edge of a cliff on the beach. So this walk on the beach side of ya gaes, can be heard the roar of the waves in the distance until we finally get to a place where the bottom of this location looks like a natural swimming pool with a collection of green water tosca, very different from the color of the water in the ocean that is adjacent to the color of the sea water blue sky. Hmmm … unique scenery, but equally collection of water, but yes koq can be different so ya water color, amazing, beautiful. Well if you have clay clear pond, clear so rich, there is sih immediately nyebur bro sis, but eit do not keburu spirit yes, because to get to the water, then there is still a continuation of struggle, namely kudu down the cliffs of the rock that dragon the stones are pretty sharp boo tuh! plus a fairly steep cliff, so it takes an adventurous spirit to be able to dare to descend. If at a glance, it’s easy, just wong down this, can while sitting on the cliffs rocks down slowly. Well the problem, if already down, rising piye? wkwkkw. Due to overlapping the way up and down, guide I was bored when I see I was busy discussion, he finally came down with half ran and tarrraaa suddenly already until under aja wkwkkw, salute, very agile! Since I’m still lazy to bathe in broad daylight, so I photograph aja deh from above.


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