Ancient Tree

“Ancient Tree”, so tourists call the Lian Tree that stood firmly towering. It is not wrong if the Lian Tree is called the Ancient Tree because this species is a rare species of tree that is only found in a land of about 1.5 ha located in the vicinity of Dusun Menanga Baris Desa Gunung Malang Pringgabaya Sub-district, East Lombok Regency, precisely in the north of Lapangan Umum Menanga Lines or in front of the Criminal Coast tourist area. Since mid-2014 ago, Lian Tree location visited by many tourists from various regions and even this location serve as one of the favorite natural attractions for young people. Ancient Lian Island tourist attraction is always crowded by domestic tourists or foreign tourists. On Sundays and other holidays, these attractions are always crowded by visitors because the tourist destination of this natural tourist attraction is fascinating. This tourist attraction is often used as the location of the activities of photography, shooting video clip local band Lombok, and the implementation of the wedding (weading). This tourist object is also very suitable to serve as a place for action movie shoot because Lian Tree location which is called as Ancient Tree is quite unique with wilderness that resembles a place filming Jurasit Park movie, The Hobbit and Dino Saurus film. According to news warag around, Lian Tree forest is an ancient forest whose existence has been very long, only this location began to be developed as one tourist attraction since mid 2014 ago. In my junior years (around 1997) this location was buming premises Café Lian Bech kebaradaan located east of the location Lian Forest. However, around 2002, Café Lian Beach was closed by Lotim Government because the location was indicated as a place for prostitution activities. The closing of Café Lian Beach made the location of this tour deserted again and developed tourism Criminal Coast located north of Ex Café Lian Beach. The development of Criminal Coastal tourism gives influence to the existence of Lian Forest, where the visitors of Pantai Pidana keraf take documentation in the area of ​​the Ancient Tree. This is what then makes Lian Tree Tourism Objects re-opened in mid-2014 and now Lian Forest tourist attraction became one of the aseet of nature tourism that is quite favorite in the northern part of East Lombok. If you depart from the city of Mataram by motorcycle, car or trevel then you will spend the journey of about 2.5 hours, then you will arrive at the location of natural attractions Lian Ancient Tree. If anada departs from Mataram City then the path you take is the main route to East Lombok, when reaching Masbagik Crossroads then take the jugle of los to Labuhan Lombok or can also take the right turn path through the city selong and through the path Korleko to the north. If you take a straight line then arrive at the crossroad of Aikmel, you must turn right towards Labuha Lombok path, at the Liaison Bridge of Apitaik Village with Pohgading Village then you can take the straight line to the left or can also enter through Pohgading Village. Arriving at the Village Market / Pohgading Village, you just turn left and paculah vehicle adan kea rah north. Or if you go straight through the left to the left in Apitaik village then arrive at Batuyang intersection, you must take the left turn / north toward Labuhan Lombok. And arrive at the Labuhan Tunggang Lombok then you have to take a straight line to the north. The trip from Labuhan Together Lombok to the location of Ancient Lian Tree tourist attraction spent about 15 minutes. Location Ancient Lian Tree tourist attraction located on the main road leading to Sambalia, precisely on the left of the road and on the right path Lokaso Ancient Tree Lian there are other natural attractions of the Criminal Coast tourist attraction which also offers a very fascinating tourist destination. Thus, if you visit the Ancient Lian Tree tourist attraction then you can at once visit the Criminal Coast attraction located on the east of Ancient Lian Tree Tourism object. This is called once rowed two three islands passed, meaning if you visit the Ancient Tree Lian tourist attraction then indirectly you will visit the tourist attraction of Criminal Coast. Traveling around the Ancient Tree Lian will give you a very different tourist experience and I am sure you will be amazed to see the Lian Tree standing firm and towering, like giant trees that you can only find in the jungle that is only in the fairy tale. The atmosphere around this tourist attraction is very cool, this location is perfect as a place to rest or recreation with family, friends and people who sanda dear. Around this location there are also some small berugaq unique (sekepat / gazebo made of bamboo-roofed weeds).


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