Aik Kalak Hot Water Lombok


If you go to Mount Rinjani, the tourist object is just mountain and lake, you can also find hot water named aik kalak that many people say spa & sauna natural. Surely you guys will be wondering what ya mean spa & natural sauna. Yes, Rinjani does have a natural spa and sauna or rather a natural hot spring bath.
Hot water baths, or for the community called Aik Kalak, located not far from Lake Segara Anak. From the camp ground that is in the lake, you just walk down the path to the spring, follow the instructions and after that you can see the view of the hot water bath is amazing.

Be careful if you want to throw yourself, because the water is quite hot, can make you surprised for those who are not used. Hot water here is not good at see, because its color is less attractive aka cloudy, but it does not mean dirty loh, because keruhnya it comes from sulfur content is high enough. Due to high sulfur content, most people believe that this hot water can cure various skin diseases and rheumatism.

Not boast loh can cure the disease, many have proved, stiff and stiff all over the body lost after soaking in hot water. But, although making a healthy body, encouraged not to drink the water, because it can be toxic to the body, you know yourself sulfur is not for consumption.
Still not satisfied to pamper yourself in hot water? Relax, do not worry, because outside the cave, there are still hot water pools that are ready to be tested. If you’ve been here, will definitely come back to bathe in this hot water bath. because rarely you can be spoiled for natural spas and saunas!

Create who has never been there, let’s now take your friends / relatives to visit the natural hot water baths on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. Add your exciting holiday experience with Bali holiday with family


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