Agung Rai Museum Of Art

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
Take in the Balinese culture at this interactive center, enjoy a meal, or stay at the resort and spend time relaxing in a peaceful setting. Agung Rai Art Museum (ARMA) is built on the philosophy of its founder, Agung Rai. The museum is more like a cultural center, devoted to preserving Balinese art and culture and its relationship with society. Founded in 1982, and officially opened in 1996, the museum’s programs are funded with revenues from resorts and restaurants in it. You can attend workshops, enjoy dinner, stay, or just look around the collection. See examples of Kamasan art, which is a traditional Balinese painting style. Admire the pre-World War II paintings and sculptures by Balinese and European artists who live here. One of them is the famous German painter Walter Spies. There is also a collection of modern art, which describes the traditional and abstract atmosphere. All instructions are translated into English. Take a class to learn about Hinduism practiced in Bali or about traditional Balinese architecture. Listen to traditional Indonesian music and gamelan. Watch traditional performances that combine Barong and Keris dance and contemporary shows. Create a painting, follow a Balinese cooking class, or learn how to make a traditional basket. You can even try batik. If you’re more interested in woodworking, learn the basics of sculpting and know how to use a variety of tools. Children can learn to dance or know the meaning of the Hindu offering by making a dish of leaves, bamboo, and money. Sit in a courtyard, restaurant, or cafe and order Indonesian or Italian cuisine. The tropical garden adds to the relaxing atmosphere. The museum also offers upscale accommodation, so if you have the time and money, book one of the luxurious rooms or a villa with a private pool for a few nights. Agung Rai Museum of Art is in a strategic spot in Ubud and within easy walking distance of the city center. The museum charges admission fees. Find out about workshops and accommodation on the museum’s website. Free parking is available near the cafe.


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