Abah Hill

Bukit Abah
Abah Hill is located between the junction of gold stretch of hills Dawan Kelungkung, Sidemen hill and Puncak Sari hill village Gegelang, Karangasem. To find the location of Abah Hill can be started from several sides, including from the south side of the village of Besan, Dawan – Klungkung. Along your journey to Abah Hill will be accompanied by beautiful natural atmosphere of the beautiful country. After climbing the village of Besan the journey will continue towards the location of Abah Hill. Once you arrive at the village of Kuito Kanginan, you can see the directions that show the way to the Abah Hill. The challenging village trips and under the trees especially the coconut trees require you to be careful. After traveling about 200m from the main road Besan – Glogor, must get ready to start the journey that is actually you will ditunutut up the steep hills with a slope of almost 45 degrees. You will pass through the munduk pegat area, approximately 300m again you will arrive at the first resting point. Where there you have prepared a small building in the form of bale blank. you look westward there will be seen protected forest area whose name is Celuk forest. Hamaparan green forest surrounded by hills stretching from east to west. Far along the eyes looking in the far west somewhat distant will appear hills are somewhat broken name Sangkur hill. m From the bayonet bay turn your head slightly to the right will be seen the name of the peak hill Sari. Where here is located the top of Sari temple disungsung by Besan customary banjar. the direction of the right again somewhat down you can see there is a stone area that area rather wide, namya White stone. To the east of the white stone there is one famous tree that is white juwet wood, supposedly can be made medicinal materials efficacious. After taking a short rest to enjoy the view of the bale blank that has been provided, now you are preparing to continue the journey. Ranging from 300m of bale dumbfound it you will climb the most steep road in your journey whose name is in Wanine. In this place there are two sources of springs that by residents there is said to never dry despite long dry season. The first spring named “Yeh Lobong” is located under the “Wanine” gorge. The second one named “Yeh Ketipat” precisely above “Di Wanine” approximately 10m away. For those of you who pass through this area it would be nice if you ngaturang rarapan apasaja. Because in this place already stand pelinggih where you ngaturang rarapan or canang. In addition, after you enter this area means you have entered the gate abah. After passing the area of ​​Yeh Ketipat get ready now enter the abah hill area. Where you will be welcomed with abuh indigenous housing. And this area is flat. Your journey can be more relaxed because the road you pass though slightly damaged but not so uphill. About 300m from the location yeh ketipat, you will arrive at a somewhat flat location. On the plain stood a pelinggih named “Pura Ngerurah”. East side of this pelinggih you can enjoy the awesome scenery. From this side will look Pura Goa Lawah, Pura Andakasa, Pura Silayukti, Pulau nusa Penida and lombok Island. This diarea also stands banjar building. Besides that also let you not confused, this area is the south side of the hill area abah. Also do not hesitate to ask if you get lost because the people of Abah Hill are very friendly. About 300 meters from the temple ngerurah and about 100 meters from the temple Puseh hill Abah you will find Pelinggih Batu Gede. This pelinggih stands


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