5D4N – Amazing Day Tour in Bali

The number of your busy time during the work makes the mind tense or stress .. let us take a chance to vacation in Bali beautiful and famous island around the world ,,, we will offer you this tour package as one of the options to enjoy the tour in bali ...

DAY 1 :

  • Airport pickup
  • Your delivery check in to the hotel / villa where you stay and rest



Tour Description :

Soka beach, located in the village antap selemadeg district of Tabanan regency Bali, is about 45 km from the city of Denpasar and takes travel time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Soka Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches surrounded by unique objects believed to be a relic of kebo iwa (maha patih kingdom of Bali) this object is a big stone shaped like a pot that is believed to be a cooking tool by the legend kebo iwa, next to the beach barracks, trdapat stone the traditional kitchen-shaped reef is believed to be the place to cook the kebo iwa ..
On the east coast of soka there is a cave that is inhabited by thousands of beautiful wallet birds ,,, not only until there .. on the beach soka there is also ogoh ogoh museum, ogoh ogoh adalh one of the Balinese culture in the form of sculpture made of materials bamboo and other materials are assembled in such a rump that formed into a variety of statues, ogoh ogoh usually can only be found once a year, ogoh ogoh used at the ceremony on the day of fruiting (1st day before the day Nyepi) ogoh ogoh will be paraded by the community around the village it is believed to be able to sort out the negative things ..
But you do not bother waiting 1 year to find ogoh ogoh because in this museum various ogoh ogoh in captive and on display to increase the knowledge of tourists to the culture of Bali.

# 2 Bali Pupuan Rice Terrace
is beautiful rice terrace located in the western part of Bali, a place to fill your eyes with awesome memories of great landscape accompanied by no one other than the friendly local farmers. Pupuan Rice Terrace is best enjoyed in the morning or late in the afternoon on a clear day. When rainy, fog usually jfollows the rain and obscures the whole village. With the arrival of the planting jseason, the local cultivators start plowing their fields.
The cultivators have retained their old way of cultivating their land with the help of buffalo. As rice grows profusely in the area, a deep green covers the landscape, resembling a vast emerald rug laid on the slopes of the hills. The cultivators of these crops share an intimate relationship with nature. At harvest time, the cultivators cut the paddy with traditional equipment. Standing in rows, they sing while they glean their harvest.

Done around on the beach soka will step on you to pay a visit to Pura batukaru .. located in wangaya village gede- kecamatan penebel- district Tabanan -Bali, batukaru temple is very famous for its strateis that is on the slopes of batukaru mountain, in Pura batukaru there are statues of the remains an ancient era that resembles a statue of a goddess statue that pours water into a pool ... in the temple there is a holy spring that is believed to be water to clear the mind and 1 springs are outside the temple which is believed to be a cleanser of negative things ..
Not only that the scenery around the temple is very beautiful with a stretch of rice field with baukaru mountain view that will merefres your mind, and the coolness of the air increasingly adds to the impression of temple batukaru

Finished enjoying the beauty of Pura batukaru let us soak in the natural hot water at the rearing, Hot Spring Water Penatahan is located in Penebel village of Penebel sub-district of Tabanan-Bali .. Hot Spring water retreat is known for the arrangement of water-themed bathing place around natural rocks. here you can soak in a large pond mauun in a private pool that is closed,
Hot Spring at Hot Spring Penatahan is a natural hot water containing sulfur and is believed good for skin health, treat yourself to relax your tense muscles ... enjoy the warmth of the water in the cool cool air while enjoying the scenery around the green.

Candi margarana is located in the district of marga district tabanan bali, the marga temple of the rana is a munumen built in honor of the heroes and warriors fighters in the Dutch colonial period and epang ... in the temple margarana there are many small temple temples are built neatly lined each in each temple
it has its own identity starting from the name tan year when they fall against the fighters, this place has an area of ​​approximately 3 h
In addition to the temple here there is also a museum that contains goods in the colonial era such as the clothes of the Dutch army, firearms, bombs of bamboo, and many other items that have been aged years old.

# Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
Garuda wisnu kencana is one of the tourist attraction located in jimbaran hill which is famous for Garuda Statue and Statue of Lord Vishnu, This statue is still in the process of work .. although still in the process of work does not reduce the interest of tourists to visit this tourist attraction ..
In addition to the garuda statue and the famous God Vishnu in GWK Bali is also famous for the arrangement of the garden with the theme of white rock hill which formed almost resembles the high-walled labirim, here tourists can enjoy some Balinese dance performances such as barong dance, Joged tai, and a series of meleladan Bali ..This is also the tourists can watch the animated films in the studio just under the statue of Lord Vishnu Statue .. this animated film tells the story of Little Garuda Struggle Who willingly become a Vehicle of God wisnu ukk save his mother from Slavery Agreement By Satan.



(Barong Dance in Batubulan - Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Gunung Kawi - Kintamani - Sukawati)

* Pick up at hotel / villa
# 1 Elephant Cave Relics PUrba
Elephant Cave, probably familiar to your ears, is an ancient relic of the majapahit kingdom era, located in banjar Goa, blahbatuh village Gianyar regency Bali elephant cave tepati by the royal figures of the jama . Viewed from outside the elephant cave .In the vicinity of Elephant Cave in the open air from the statue of a statue of a goddess who poured in the pond . this water is believed to have the ability to grow old . from the carved reliefs outside the cave elephant looks typical Balinese style in jama in the elephant cave there is a tunnel T-shaped and inside there are statues statue like 1 statue of Ganesha, full phallus 3 fruit .
Relics Readakan cliffs around Goa Gajah also add to the beauty of ancient relics that until now still in the preserve by the community because the place to perform traditional ceremonies or used as tourist attractions

# 2 Place of High Court "KERTHA GOSA"
KERTHA GOSA, located in klungkung Regency, Kerta gosa is a place where there are 2 buildings of kraton klungkung that is bale kerta gosa building and gili building building built / built by Dewa Agung Jambe .. the uniqueness of this place is trdapa painting ancient painting looming in the sky of the sky .. this painting is called puppet painting which one of his paintings tell about life since human being is born to tell death .. one painting in bale garden building also tells about Karma (human deed) and reward from karma itself .

# 3 Palace of Art Pewayangan "VILLAGE VALUE"

Kamasan Village, a village located in klungkung sub-district of Klungkung Bali takes 1 hour from Denpasar, the village of Amasan is a village that is inhabiting is a painter , not only that paintings made in this village of kamasan is different from painting in general, yes . that is a painting that is made specifically about the story of the puppet show that tells the life of man, beast, gods realm, and the blind (under magical creatures under human) . Kamasan village is believed to have stood from the time of the ancient Balinese kingdom. kamasan village is also named as the main village of puppet painting art in bali . and is often called ' the warehouse of painting artwork '.

*** Lunch time Gril fish food "RESTAURANT WARONG LEGONG"

VILLAGE MUNICIPALITY, is a village that became one of the objects in Bali that you must visit . penglipuran village that is famous for customs and the arrangement of buildings that they are traditional and neatly arranged . not only that .. tourists will learn a lot about custom they are still very dependent on the system gotong royong, and harmony between citizens awake very well from generation of predecessor until now , very friendly penddukulu, to be more festive visit to penglipuran village there is plain on the eve of galungan day, that is hariujan 6 hour for Hindu people .. because in the days of the dock the residents will load penjor (ceremonial tools made of bamboo stems and images omit various crops or crops) penjor will be installed at each entrance area of each house along the village .
The air is cool considering the village penglipuran is in the mountains so the air here buy fresh and far from polluting the vehicle because here orangutans to use vehicles brmotor . because it is available a general parking lot large enough to accommodate vehicles and tourists vehicles.

# 5 Cheap Art Market in Bali "SUKAWATI TRADISIONAL MARKET"
Tired of walking around in the village of Penglipuran, let yourself buy the local artistry Sukawati, sukawati Market is the largest art market in Bali precisely located in the district sunjawati gianyar Bali regency . in the market sukawati you will see many people who peddle art such as paintings, sculptures, Balinese handicrafts, knick knacks and much more .
Do not be afraid maslah price because in the market sukawati you can bargain with the merchants who goods goods the goods themselves and have a lot of stock for sale so you definitely get a price such as wholesale prices ,

# 6 Secreet Hiden Canyon "Beji Guwang"
Finished shopping at sukawati market let us go to Beji Guwang. Beji guwang is located in sunjawati village of Gianyar regency, Bali 40 km from denpasar city , Beji Guwang famous for the floodgas Cepungan ravine which is often called "HIDDEN CANYON" . the cepungan is in the river in Guwang is very beautiful, may be very difficult to find .. cdiungan cdi river wall is believed to be formed from the process of erosion by river water for hundreds of years .
Clear water and shady trees around the riverpun add to the atmosphere of the hidden atmosphere of this canyo . the river cepungan more ndah if seen in summer where the water discharge is so low that tourists can browse this chasm safely .

# 7 Romantic beach dinner '' MENEGA JIMBARAN "
After completing the tour today we will go to jimbaran uuntuk dinner at restaurant MENEGA which is famous for cuisine processed marine saris and places to eat that are on the beach .
Your dinner will be more beautiful accompanied by the sunset sunset at the charming jimbaran beach with special menu for you

DAY 4 : Beratan Temples Bedugul Tour

(git git waterfall – pura di danau beratan – kebun raya bedugul – stobery farm –angsri air panas )

Tour Description :

# 1 Git Git Water falls
Keindaha one of the beautiful waterfalls in Bali should start beratan your temple bedugul tour . waterfall in the morning will awaken your hidden spirit ,, located in the village gitgit buleleng bali . gitgit waterfall will captivate your heart because of the pounding water fall and hit hard ground, fresh air and natural beauty around this beautiful waterfall add to the freshness of your morning atmosphere there is some water from the stream of water in git git . enjoy.

# 2 Bali icon of Berauatan lake temple
Ulun Lake Temple beratan one of the tourism icon in Bali that is well known among local and international, Pura Ulun danu Beratan famous for the view of the temple on the shores of the lake with a beautiful view of Mount Catur, besides Pura pura see here also garden garden in order neatly so can increase the beauty of the temple . often you will also find people or people of Hinduism carrying out mountain scrolls or a singing ceremony to the water and mountains . this ritual is often found in the morning , cool breeze and fresh mountain air will appreciate your roaming in the temple and .

It is located in Baturiti Regency, Tabanan regency . and is about 40 km from Denpasar city and takes about 1 hour 30 minutes drive. Bedugul Botanical Garden is famous for arranging garden garden filled with various types of plants starting Plants that we often encounter even Plants which are still many disni langkapun
You can also find a variety of rare cactus plants in your garden .
Bedugul botanical garden is also often used as a recreational park or picnic by local residents and tourists . You are advised to wear shal because the air in the garden is very cold, but we are sure you will be amazed and can not forget. elegance botanical garden bedugul

Finished exploring the waterfall, ulun danu beratan and botanical garden bedugul let us enjoy a meal at panoramic terrace restaurant that is famous restaurant for good cuisine and place this very strategic restaurant , you will be fascinated while eating while looking at the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountains , here you also can reap fresh stawbery directly from stawbery garden owned restaurant .. BONAPETTIET

# 5 Hot Spring Water "ANGSRI"
Finish lunch and adventure in cool mountain areas Let us relax for a moment by soaking in the natural hot springs from hot springs, located in the village of Angsri baturiti district Tabanan . Hot water angsri frequented by tourists to soak in water containing sulfur known to be good for skin health, there are 2 large pools and 7 private pools of private pools that are covered
 Besides the hot water that is good for the skin, hot water containing natural sulfur is also great for stretching the muscles and nerves of the stiff nerves / tension , in Angsri also offers beautiful scenery with its location beside the river and there is a small waterfall, at side pool which adds to the quiet mood .

# 6 Royal Temple Taman Ayun
Taman Ayaun is located in the district of Mengwi Badung regency, famous for keindaha temple which is a relic of the kingdom of Mengwi . has an area of approximately 3 hectares of swing park temple is also surrounded by lake inside also there is a fountain and garden arrangement in the swing garden area add to the beauty atmosphere .

# 7 to jimbaran for dinner at jimbaran restaurant

DAY 5 :

  • sent center by by typical bali

Regular Price :

  • 1 pax = $ 290 / pax
  • 2 pax = $ 250 / pax
  • 3 pax = $ 230 / pax
  • 4 pax = $ 210 / pax
  • 5 pax = $200 / pax
  • 6 pax = $ 190 / pax
  • 7 pax = $ 180 / pax
  • 8 pax = $ 170 / pax
  • 9 pax = $ 160 / pax
  • 10 pak = $ 145 / pax
  • 11 pax = $ 140 / pax
  • 12 pax = $ 135 / pax

NB: Tour can be request include with hotel or flight ticket, with cheap price because we have cooperate with all airlines and hotel hotel in Indonesia and abroad with price under publishing price.

Including :

  • Destination Entrance tiket
  • Transportation Bus / Car
  • Driver
  • Petrol
  • Lunch 3x
  • Dinner 2x
  • Parking
  • Tax and service
  • Airport transfer

Excluding :

  • Personal costs in addition to the fees already covered above
  • Driver tip

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