4 days Bali Kintamani – tabanan combination tour

DAY 1 :

  • Airport pickup
  • Your delivery check in to the hotel / villa where you stay and rest



Tour Description :

Who has never heard of Tanah Lot Temple, this temple is no stranger to us to know Pura located in Kediri district, Tabanan regency of Bali is located 20km from Denpasar City and approximately takes travel time 45 minutes from Denpasar ... Tanah Lot Temple became wrong a famous tourist attraction in Bali because of the very exotic view of the temple where Pura Tanah Lot stands on the rocks on the edge of sea water, and also when there is tidal water so the lot will look like floating on the surface of sea water, waves and waves sea ​​breeze adds to the beautiful impression of Tanah Lot Temple.
Around the location of Pura Tanah Lot there are also resort resorts and starred villas that could be one of your accommodation to live in Bali, not only that there are also many restaurant restaurants and souvenir shops that will peddle your local craft such as paintings, sculptures wood and others.

Temple in the midst of forest and forest monkey frenzy is the next place we visit '' Pura Alas Kedaton "is located in the village of Kukuh Kediri subdistrict Kediri, Kedaton pedestal become one of the attractions that must be visited because the beauty of the temple surrounded by dense forest that became its own beauty, the number of monkeys that are benign and some big bats that fly will add to the beautiful atmosphere of Pura Alas Kedaton, tourists will be guided by local guides to get around and explain the origin of the temple and tourists can also take pictures by not using the light of the camera flash to not scare the monkey which is there, tourists can also provide food that is already available there to the monkeys that roam.

* Break Lunch Time "DEDARI RESTAURANT"
Before we continue our journey we will have lunch at Restaurant Dedari, at this restaurant we will eat processed fish and chicken processed with traditional Balinese spices and enjoy lunch at the place with the theme of gazebo in the middle of the pool, your lunch will of course be very good quality in the midst of gurgling water and traditional Balinese music.

Jatiluwih is such a name, a village located in Penebel district, Tabanan district, Bali. The beauty of Jati Luwih is to have a wide rice field terraces spread under the foot of Mount Batukaru, with green rice fields dominantly filled with rice plants, fresh mountain air, very cold water and fresh hustle and bustle your activities during the work will be broken down by the silence that is served the scenery in jatiluwih ... beautiful rice fields that until now maintained its preservation by way of particular one with the farmer plowing the fields still using traditional equipment and using the cow as a means of pulling tenggala (plowing rice field made of wood)

After visiting the cool air Jatiluwih let us soak in the natural hot water pool "ANGSERI HOT SPRING WATER '' hot spring water angseri is famous for natural hot water containing sulfur good for skin health ... in the hot spring water angseri there are two large open pool as well as some private pools covered by walls made of natural materials of Bamboo, Disni you can soak to stretch the muscles of the tense muscles and forget all the problems for a moment and relax in the middle of the warm hot water angseri
The shade of bamboo plants and the location of the pond that is on the edge of the river and there is a small waterfall add to the beauty of your soaking atmosphere, occasionally also seen a lot of monkey monkeys that inhabit the surrounding forests swinging swing in bamboo trees which certainly adds to the beautiful scenery ...

* In the middle of jimbaran journey we will pass the statue of RAMA SINTA located in the district of Mengwi Badung regency Bali. Here it is suitable to be a spot to take pictures together for the capture

* after completing the tour today we will go to jimbaran uuntuk dinner at restaurant butter which is famous for cuisine from processed marine sari and places to eat which is on the edge of the beach ..
Your dinner will be more beautiful in the sunset at sunset at the charming jimbaran beach

* to the hotel / villa to rest


(Barong Dance in Batubulan - Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Gunung Kawi - Kintamani - Sukawati)

* Pick up at hotel / villa
Barong is one of the many art in Bali, and we will see the barong dan kris dance in the stone village of Gianyar district moon. Barong is a popular destination icon in Bali worldwide. in the stone village this month we will witness the barong dance that tells the drama of the evil character and the good character, the symbolic of the good is Barong while the character of all the evil nature is Rangda, we believe and believe the tourists who visit here will be amazed to see the barong dance dan kris dance played by the local villagers of this gianyar moon rock. The duration of this dance attraction for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Done watching Barong dance and kris let's refresh our minds by looking at the beauty of terraced rice field terraces, located in tegalalang district Gianyar regency, Bali. With a distance of 30 km from the city of Denpasar more or less membutukan travel time for 1 hour 30 minutes. This place became one of the local and foreign tourist destinations. Put forward the scenery of rice fields are green and terraced levels make the scenery in this hill is worth to be immortalized with your camera, not only that the air in the hill is very cool and fresh because not many vehicles pass through the hills.

Finished exploring the beauty of the hills, how incomplete if we do not visit one of the archaeological site of Gunung Kawi temple. Located in banjar Penangka, Sebatu village, Tegalalang district, Gianyar regency, Bali. Gunung Kawi temple itself is an ancient relic of a magnificent temple on the edge of the river, Candi Gunung kawi is not an ordinary temple which is usually built by the temple made of stone blocks or bricks are neatly arranged but the temple of kawi mountain built by sculpting direct cliffs so as not there is construction by stacking stones.
Gunung Kawi temple is still preserved up to now both in terms of building and in terms of value kesakralannya. Here there are 9 pieces of temples are 4 temples located on the west facing to the east and 5 more temples facing to the west, it is said the story of the mountain temple kawi is where the royal figures perform semedi or yoga. This is evidenced by the existence of a room in the middle of the temple and is also equipped with a hole like a window for air circulation and where the light goes into. Do not forget to set up your camera to capture the moment in this historic place.

Satisfied perpetuate the next Gunung Kawi temple we will head to Tampak Siring, located in the village Tampak siring Gianyar regency, Bali. Looks Siring is exactly where the ancient times used as the king's place to seek holiness, the shower fountains that have stood for thousands of years still remain firm to this day, the sanctity of his holiness is also very guarded by making some rules such as entering into using a senteng / selendang, prohibit women who are experiencing coming months to enter the shower area and maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment
The water that flows from the shower head here comes from the large springs that are in the temple, the beauty is more complete with the color of ornamental fish fish that has been there from the first, this place is still used for the ceremony melukat (purification) by the Hindus or non hindu. Tourists can also do pengelukatan at this showerhead to feel the crystal clear and fresh water directly from the spring.

* Time to lunch at Kintamani LIKE VIEW restaurant. Add experience with dining at the restaurant which serves food Balinese food and unforgettable atmosphere that is dining by looking at the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur and beautiful lake batur from Rastauran directly. It was unforgettable.

Finished lunch let us hunt the works of art produced by local people in Bali of course with cheap price, sukawati market that is the name of this market is market located in sukwati village Sukawati district, Gianyar regency. This market can be said to be the most crowded market visited by tourists who ever come to Bali.
In the market sukawati surely you will find many works of art sold for sale such as paintings, sculptures, home decoration, Balinese clothes, and other knick knacks. You are not worried about price issues, in the market of sukawati can be said as a wholesale goods goods, because most traders sell their artwork directly, and most traders can be negotiated for merchandise in order to be bargained.

* Delivery of guests back to hotel / villa to rest ...

DAY 4 :

  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Visiting center by by with cheap price
  • Delivery to the airport to check out

Regular Price :

  • 1 pax = $ 190 / pax
  • 2 pax = $ 165  / pax
  • 3 pax = $ 158  / pax
  • 4 pax =  $ 154  / pax
  • 5 pax = $ 140 / pax
  • 6 pax = $ 130 / pax
  • 7 pax = $ 120 / pax
  • 8 Pax = $ 115 / pax
  • 9 pax = $ 110 / pax
  • 10 pax = $ 105 / pax
  • 11 pax = $ 100 / pax

NB: Tour can be request include with hotel or flight ticket, with cheap price because we have cooperate with all airlines and hotel hotel in Indonesia and abroad with price under publishing price.

Including :

  • Transport car / bus clean
  • Good speak English driver
  • 1 x lunch dedari restaurant
  • 1 x lunch Lake View Kntamani
  • 2 x dinner Menega restaurant jimbaran
  • All destinatin entrance above
  • Parking restribusi
  • 4 botles Mineral water during tours

Excluding :

  • Personal costs in addition to the fees already covered above
  • Driver tip

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