Kedonganan Beach


Kedonganan has a beautiful beach, the beauty offered can be equated with Kuta, Legian or Seminyak. Moreover Kedonganan beach has various advantages that are not owned by other beaches in Bali. White sand stretching from North to South facing directly to the Indian Ocean, offers the beauty of Sunset which becomes the ultimate destination of the tour by tourists who are holiday sedans on the island, the calm sea conditions can be to swim, or just relax the streets enjoy the atmosphere of the coastal sea.

Walking further north you will meet the lined fishing boats, ready to go fishing to catch fresh sea fish catches or take every traveler who wants to tour the waters of Kedonganan while fishing recreation. There is a dock, for large ships, loading and unloading of goods, and also used by residents for recreational fishing. This tourist attraction in Bali is more dominated by the activities of fishermen, as well as fishing boats are huddled back and forth.
Not only that, the catch of fishermen, marketed directly in Kedonganan Market, which is the largest fish market in Badung region, and also to supply the needs of fresh fish for cafes / restaurants that line the beach and the cafes in the coastal area of ​​Jimbaran , including the needs of people who want fresh fish. For fans of culinary tourism in Bali, especially seafood cuisine, this is where the center, you can choose various types of fresh fish available, and will be prepared directly according to the menu of choice.
It’s not just delicious flavors to enjoy, but with additional sun-drowning treats, enjoying an outdoor dining atmosphere, with dimly lit candles, with loved ones, can create invaluable romance and deserve to be remembered. Usually the tour package in Bali with the South Bali route ends in this area with a welcome dinner menu of grilled fish of choice.

With the offers provided by Kedonganan, such as the natural beauty of the beach, culinary treats and recreational activities, can be used as a tourist attraction and a favorite destination when preparing your trip event, whether it’s a tour or car rental in Bali.
Location Kedonganan tourist attraction just 3 km south of the Airport, also not so far from the important landmarks of tourism in the land of this Gods. So not surprisingly, after the afternoon before, jejeran cafes that provide a variety of seafood dishes is always filled with visitors.


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