1D – Experience of Soka Beach Tour

( Museum Ogoh Ogoh - Batukaru Temple - Hot Spring Water Penatahan - Candi Margarana - Alas Kedaton - Kecak And Fire Dance Uluwatu)

Tour Description :

Soka beach, located in the village antap selemadeg district of Tabanan regency Bali, is about 45 km from the city of Denpasar and requires travel time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Soka Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches that disekelilingi unique objects are believed to be the relics of kebo iwa (mighty duke of the kingdom of Bali) this thing is a big rock shaped like a pot that is believed to be a cooking appliance by the legend kebo iwa, next to the barracks beach, trdapat stone A traditional kitchen-shaped coral that is believed to be the place to cook the kebo iwa ..
On the east coast of soka there is a cave that is inhabited by thousands of beautiful wallet birds ,,, not only up there .. in soka beach there is also ogoh ogoh museum, ogoh ogoh adalh one of the Balinese society culture in the form of sculpture made of materials bamboo and materials other materials that are arranged in such a rump that is formed into a wide variety of sculptures, ogoh ogoh normally only be found once a year, ogoh ogoh are used during the ceremony at the pengruupukan (1 day before Nyepi) ogoh ogoh will be paraded by the community surrounding the village Believed to in order to negate the negative things ..
But you do not bother waiting 1 year to find ogoh ogoh because in this museum various ogoh ogoh in captive and on display to increase the knowledge of tourists to the culture of Bali.

Finished touring in shelled the coast will refering to visit to Pura Batukaru .. gede- Wangaya village located in Tabanan regency subdistricts penebel- -Bali, Batukaru temple is very famous for its location on the slopes strateis namely Batukaru, Pura Batukaru there is a statue statue relics An ancient era that resembles a statue of a goddess statue that pours water into the pool ... in the temple there is a holy spring that is believed to be water to clear the mind and 1 springs are outside the temple which is believed to be a cleanser of negative things ..
Not only that the scenery around the temple is very beautiful with a stretch of rice fields with baukaru mountain view that will merefres your mind, and the coolness of the air increasingly adds to the impression of temple batukaru ,,, ...

Done enjoy the beauty of Pura Batukaru let soak in natural hot springs in Penatahan, Hot Spring Water Penatahan penatahan- village sub-district located in Tabanan, Bali Penebel- .. Hot Spring water is known as structuring place Penatahan soaking water themed around natural rocks. Here you can soak in a large pond mauun in a private pool that is closed,
Hot Spring at Hot Spring Penatahan is a natural hot water containing sulfur and is believed good for skin health, treat yourself to relax your tense muscles ... enjoy the warmth of the water in the cool cool air while enjoying the scenery around the green

TEMPLE clan shutter terletek in the sub clan districts tabanan bali, temple clan shutter is munumen that was built to honor the heroes and fighters fighters in the era of Dutch colonial and Epang ... in the temple Margarana there are many temples small temples are built lined up neatly in which each in each This temple has its own identity starting from the name tan years when they fall against the fighters, this place has an area of ​​approximately 3 h
In addition to the temple there is also a museum containing goods in the colonial era such as the clothes of the Dutch army, firearms, bombs of bamboo, and many other items that have been aged years old ,,.

# 5 Kecak and fire Dance '' ULUWATU Temple "
Done visit Margarana we went to Uluwatu to watch Kecak and fire dance .. while enjoying the famous Kecak dance in Bali you will enjoy the scenery around like a temple of Uluwatu which is housed in the district of Kuta Badung regency of Bali Uluwatu temple is also called sublime south .. is one from six temples believed to be a guard pura island bali.pra uluwatu stand upright on a cliff that has a height of about 72 meters from sea level.
The view of the open sea and hepasan deburan ombank that hit the reef will add to the atmosphere of Uluwatu temple, here you will enjoy the dance kecak and emnyaksikan beautiful sunset ..

* Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

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