1D – Beautiful Tirta Gangga Tour

(Taman Ujung - Tirta Gangga - Tenganan - Goa Lawah)

Tour Description :

* Pick up at Airport / Hotel / villa Where you stay

# 1 Taman Ujung, The Garden of Karangasem King
Taman Ujung or often called Sukasada park is located in the banjar tip of the village tumbu kecamatan karangasem karangasem district, is a garden created by the king of karangasem in 1909 ...
At the time of Hindia dutch garden tip is better known as the waterpaleis which means water palace .. this building was built by a Dutch architect and architect of china, the style of the building is very luxurious surrounded by the pool is quite wide and garden garden neatly arranged

# 2 Fresh water Tirta Gangga Karangasem
Tirta Gangga is the Karangasem royal water park built by the king of karangasem .. a beautiful garden of more than 1 hectare offers you a beautiful view of the mountains, Tirta Gangga itself consists of the word tirta which means water, while gangga artinga ganga river .. so tirta gangga means water that symbolically flows from the river gangga, which symbolizes fertility and prosperity, ..
It may be said to resemble the labyrinth of the water of the tirta gangga. Dominated by several clear water pools of typical bali sculptures, and this fountain will result in you being in a beautiful paradise

# 3 Primitive Traditional Balinese Village in Tenganan
The village of Tenganan, located in the mangosteen district of karangasem tenganan village is one of the most traditional villages in Bali since descending from the laying of the building of the park, and the temple is still done from their ancestors until now, the tenganan village comes from the word tengan which is known Tengan means middle / centering or moving to the center means tenganan village is a village where maasyarakatnya from coastal moves move to the middle in the hill ...
In addition to the tradition of structuring the building, the tenganan community is also famous for the simple lifestyle away from advanced technology. In the village tenganan people's livelihoods different different like weaving cloth, painting lontar, making wicker from rattan or bamboo which is the process of their work still using a unique manual power.

# 4 The Bat Cave Temple "GOA LAWAH"
As the name of Goa Lawah .. "cave 'means cave" lawah "means bat, Pura cave lawah famous for its uniqueness that is a cave inside the cave temple area inhabited thousands of bats in it .. This temple is one of the pura Yang believed to be Pilar Island Bali or Pura Penjaga Pulau Bali, The location of cave cave under do dawan districts - klungkung district is more beautiful because in front of the temple is a black sandy beach that is often used as a place for the Hidus perform ritual ceremonies of religion ...

* Dinner in Jimbaran Bay

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  • 1- 5 Pax = 550k / Pax
  • 6 – 9 Pax = 750k/ Pax
  • 10 – 13 Pax = 850k/ Pax
  • 14 – 16 Pax = 1100k / Pax
  • 18 – 25 Pax = 1800k / Pax

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  • Professional Driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking
  • Highway Ticket

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  • Lunch
  • Ticket attraction

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  • 3 Pax = 635 k / Pax
  • 4 Pax = 595 k / Pax
  • 5 Pax = 565 k / Pax
  • 6 Pax = 545 k / Pax
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  • 9 Pax = 470 k / Pax
  • 10 Pax = 445 k / Pax
  • 11 Pax = 430 k / Pax
  • 12 Pax = 415 k / Pax
  • 13 Pax = 410 k / Paxv

Including :

  • Entrace Ticket
  • Lunch at Best Restaurant : Dedari Resto
  • Dinner at Best Seafood Restaurant Jimbaran
  • Car, Bus / Mini Bus
  • Professional Driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking tickets
  • Highway Tickets

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