1D – Beautiful Goa Gajah Tour

(Goa Gajah – Kertha Gosa – Desa Kamasan – Legong Resto – Penglipuran – Hidden Canyon – Lokal market - Jimbaran)

Tour Description :

*Guest pick up at hotel / Villa

# 1 Elephant Cave Relics Ancient
Elephant Cave, probably familiar to your ears, is an ancient relic of the majapahit kingdom, in banjar Goa, blahbatuh village Gianyar regency Bali elephant cave is believed to be a place of meditation by the royal figures of the jama .. Viewed from outside the cave Elephant ..
In the vicinity of Goa Gajah There is a shower of water fountains from the statue of the goddess statue that poured in the pond .. this water is believed to be berkasiat to benambah age ... from the carved reliefs outside the cave elephants show the Balinese style of ukira in jama first, in the elephant cave there is a shaped aisle T and inside there are statues such as 1 statue of Ganesha, phallus numbering 3 pieces ...
Relics Reuntuhan cliffs around Goa Gajah also add to the beauty of ancient relics which until now still in the preserve by the community as a place to perform traditional ceremonies or made tourist attractions ..

# 2 The Traditional Court Place "KERTHA GOSA"
KERTHA GOSA, located in Klungkung regency, Kerta gosa is a place where there are 2 buildings of the kingdom of klungkung namely bale kerta gosa building and gili buildings building is made / built by Dewa Agung Jambe .. the uniqueness of this place is trdapa painting ancient painting Which is loomed in the sky of the sky .. this painting is the painting of a puppet painting that one of his paintings tells about life from the moment humans are born to tell the death .. one of the paintings in the garden bale gili also told about Karma (human deeds) and replies obtained from Karma itself ..

# 3 Art palace puppet "VILLAGE KAMASAN"
Kamasan Village, a village located in klungkung sub-district of Klungkung Bali, takes 1 hour from Denpasar, the village of Amasan is a village whose majority are painters, .. that is the painting that is made is special about the story of the puppet that tell the life of man, animals, gods, or the blind (under magical creatures under human) ... Kamasan village is believed to have stood from the era of the ancient Balinese kingdom. Kamasan village is also named as the main village of puppet painting in Bali ... and is often called '' the warehouse of painting ''.

* time lunch Gril fish food "RESTAURANT WARONG LEGONG"

VILLAGE MUNICIPALITY, is a village that became one of the objects in Bali that you must visit ... penglipuran village famous for customs and the arrangement of their building buildings are still very traditional and neatly arranged .. not only that .. tourists will learn a lot about their custom Which is still very dependent on the system gotong royong, and harmony between citizens awake very good from generation of predecessors until now ,,, very friendly penddukulu, to be more festive visit to penglipuran village is good at the time of the feast of galungan, that is day of 6 month celebration For the Hindu people .. because in the days of the dock the residents will load penjor (ceremonial tool made of a bamboo stem and decorated with various crops or crops) penjor will be installed at each entrance area of ​​each house along the village ..
Cool air considering the existence of penglipuran village in the mountains so the air here is very fresh and far from the pollution of vehicles because here people are forbidden to use vehicle brmotor .. because outside the village has available public park that is large enough to accommodate residents vehicles and vehicle tourists. .

# 5 Cheaper Art Market in Bali "SUKAWATI TRADITIONAL MARKET"
Tired of wandering around the village of Penglipuran, let yourself buy the art of local Sukawati, sukawati market is the biggest art market in Bali precisely located in sunjawati district gianyar regency Bali .. in sukawati market you will see many people who peddle art such as paintings, Statues, Balinese handicrafts, knick knacks and more ...
Do not be afraid maslah price because in Market sukawati you can bargain with the traders who majority of their goods are self-made products and have a lot of stock for sale so you definitely get a price such as wholesale prices ,,,

# 6 Secreet Hiden Canyon "Beji Guwang"
Finished shopping at sukawati market let's go to Beji Guwang..Beji guwang is located in sunjawati village Gianyar regency, Bali 40 km from the city of denpasar ,,, Beji Guwang is famous for Cepungan Jepungan ravine which is often called "HIDDEN CANYON" .. the cepungan Is in the river in Guwang is very beautiful, may be very difficult to find .. cdiungan cdi river wall is believed to be formed from the process of erosion by river water for hundreds of years ..
Clear water and shady trees around the riverpun add to the atmosphere in the hidden atmosphere of this canyo .. cepungan rivers more ndah if seen in summer where the water discharge is so low that tourists can browse this chasm safely ...

 # 7 romantic beach dinner '' MENEGA JIMBARAN "
After completing the tour today we will go to jimbaran uuntuk dinner at restaurant MENEGA which is famous for cuisine from processed marine sari and a place to eat that is on the edge of the beach ..
Your dinner will be more beautiful accompanied by the sunset sunshine at charming jimbaran beach with special menu for you

* guest delivery to the hotel / villa to rest.

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