1D – Beautiful Tabanan & Singaraja Tour

Tour Description :

# Git Git Water fall
The beauty of one of the beautiful waterfall in Bali is mandatory to start your tour beratan temple bedugul ..
Waterfalls in the morning will awaken your pent-up spirit ,, located in the village of Gitgit Buleleng Bali .. Gitgit waterfall will captivate your heart because of the pounding of the falling water And hit hard land, fresh air and natural beauty around the waterfall This beautiful adds to the freshness of your morning atmosphere there are some water from the flow of water in git git ... enjoy

# Bali icon destination Obey lake temple
Ulun Lake Temple beratan one of the tourism icon in Bali which is well known among the local As well as internationally, Pura Ulun danu Beratan is famous for the view of the temple is located in the edge of the lake with the viewof Mount Catur is very beautiful, besides the view of the temple Here is also a timeless garden gardens that are in order to enhance the beauty of the temple ... often
Ali also you will find people or people of Hindu religion carry out the ceremony name Nyegara Gunung or prayers to the water and mountains .. this ritual is often found in the morning ,,, Cool breezes and fresh mountain air will blow your roaming in the temple
Ulun danu ...

# Bedugul Botanical Garden

Located in Baturiti district, Tabanan district .. and is approximately 40km away from The city of Denpasar and takes about 1 hour 30 minutes journey .. botanical garden Bedugul famous for garden garden arrangement filled by various species of plants Start plants that we often encounter even plants are still many there, you can also find bebagai kinds of rare cactus plants inside
garden… Bedugul botanical garden is also often used as a recreational park or a picnic, by local people and tourists ... it is recommended that you wear shal because the air is on Botanical garden is very cold, but we are sure you will be amazed and can not forget the cultivation of the bedugul botanical garden

Finished exploring the waterfall, ulun danu beratan and botanical garden bedugul let us enjoy a meal at panoramic terrace restaurant that is famous restaurant delicious cuisine and a very strategic place restaurant ,,, you will be amazed at the moment
Eat while looking at the beautiful view from the top of the mountains ,, here you also can picking fresh strawberries straight from the restaurant's stawbery garden .. BONAPETTIET

# Hot Spring Water "ANGSRI"
Finish lunch and adventure in cool mountain areas Let's relax for a moment with a soak in the natural hot springs of hot springs, located in the village of Angsri Baturiti district of Tabanan regency .. Hot water angsri frequented by tourists to soak in water containing sulfur that is well known for skin health, there are 2 large pools and 7 private private pools covered besides the hot water is good for the skin, hot water containing sulfur it is also natural to stretch the muscles and nerves that are stiff / tense, in angsri
Also offers beautiful views with its location beside the river and there is a small waterfall, next to a pool that adds to the mood of mood.


Regular Price :

  • 1-5 pax = 600k / car
  • 6 - 11 pax = 900k / short minibus
  • 12 - 15 pax = 1100k / long minibus
  • 16 - 28 pax = 1800k / bus

Including :

  • Car / AC Bus
  • Driver
  • BBM

Excluding :

  • Entrance Ticket
  • Lunch
  • Ticket attraction
  • Dinner
  • Parking

Exclusive Price :

  • 1 PAX = 691 k / Pax
  • 2 Pax = 591 k / Pax
  • 3 Pax = 541 k / Pax
  • 4 Pax = 516 k / pax
  • 5 Pax = 491 k / Pax
  • 6 Pax = 441 k / Pax
  • 7 pax = 416 k / Pax
  • 8 Pax = 386 k / Pax
  • 9 Pax = 371 k / pax
  • 10 Pax = 341 k / Pax
  • 11 Pax = 311 k / Pax
  • 12 Pax = 291 k / Pax

Including :

  • Entrace Ticket
  • Lunch at Best Restaurant
  • Dinner at Jimbaran Seefood Restaurant
  • Car, Bus / Mini Bus
  • Professional Driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking tickets
  • Highway Tickets

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